Adventure Time Quotes, Facts and Why It’s an Awesome Cartoon

Adventure Time is a children’s show that happens to appeal to a lot of adults. There are sentimental themes that can appeal to all age groups, and that’s part of the charm Adventure Time has.

Here are seven must-see Adventure Time episodes. 

Ocean Of Fear 

Finn is terrified of the ocean in this episode, and Jake is on a mission to help him overcome his fear. This episode is heartwarming and a little dark, but it stands out because it strengthens Finn as a hero. He learns to overcome a huge fear that would otherwise prevent him from being the hero he is.


Finn is constantly rejected by Princess Bubblegum. Jake decides to introduce him to Flame Princess to get his mind off of Princess Bubblegum. This works well until they realize that Flame Princess is passionate and destructive, but Finn ends up falling for her anyway. 

Memory Of A Memory 

Jake and Finn go on an adventure inside of Marceline’s mind. This episode is trippy, visual and dark. It takes themes from popular movies too. Viewers get to explore the depth of Marceline. This is the episode that really strengthens her character.

It Came From The Nightosphere 

Finn reunites Marceline with her estranged father. The only problem is that her father is a demon who likes to suck souls. This episode follows them on an adventure to correct the problem Finn created by bringing them together. 

Fionna And Cake 

This fun episode is the female and cat version of Finn and Jake. It’s a brilliant episode that was created solely based on a fan’s depictions on Tumblr. It’s one of the highest-rated episodes and a must see. 

I Remember You 

The creepy but amusing Ice King wants to win over princesses. He finds Marceline to help him write songs, but she is frustrated when he doesn’t realize the long past they had together. 

Thank You 

This emotional episode is different from every other episode, but it is effective at drawing a reaction and making viewers fall in love with Adventure Time. It’s beautifully made, and it is a true gem of animation that should not be overlooked.

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