What Are the Different Types of Apps I Should Download on a New Phone?

Did you know that Americans wait three years to replace their phones? However, there’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new phone in your hands, and you’ll likely be playing with it for hours. The most daunting task is figuring out the different types of apps you should download.

There are millions of apps available so narrowing down your options requires some assistance. That’s what this guide is here to do! We’ll break down the different categories and help you make some informed decisions.

Read on if you’re ready to learn more.

Productivity Apps

Whether you’re a CEO trying to streamline work or a housewife with too many tasks, productivity apps can help. They improve the efficiency of an individual or a team by allowing them to access functions such as email, calendaring, to-do lists, note-taking, etc.

You can get your life organized as an individual or help create an easy work environment for your colleagues. We’ll look at two of the most popular productivity apps available.


Todoist is a basic task manager app that enables you to group tasks together based on projects. Think of this as your usual to-do list that’s on your fridge but upgraded.

In addition to organizing your own tasks, you can also use Todoist in the workplace. It’s easy to collaborate with other people by sharing and assigning tasks.


One of the best productivity tools on the market is Hive. It’s the ideal way to improve work ethic throughout the day. In addition to to-do lists, team members can also collaborate on schedules, communicate with one another, check up on the latest project process and share files.

The great thing about Hive is that not only is there a phone app, but there are also desktop and web applications as well. You can view each project in multiple ways, depending on how you like to work. This is the perfect ‘one-stop shop’ that ensures you’re doing your best work.

Shopping Apps

Ecommerce continues to grow more popular every day, and nothing makes online shopping easier (and more enjoyable) than apps. Of course, not all apps are built the same, and you want to avoid options that are frustrating and unreliable. That’s why it’s important to download two of the most popular online shopping apps around.


Going to a thrift store is a great experience—there are affordable options and unique finds that are hard to beat. What if you could take that experience and bring it to your home? Not only do you beat the crowds, but you have an impressive catalog of goods to choose from.

Everyone knows what eBay is but did you know they have a mobile app? It’s the perfect thing to download because you never know when you’ll get the itch to browse some secondhand goodies.


Think of Etsy as eBay’s cool, younger sister. It’s a place for arts and crafts, where manufacturers and designers compete with one another to see who can create unbeatable goods. You can find all types of items here, from jewelry to personalized apparel and even obscure knick-knacks.

The shopping industry is saturated with online apps, so it can be difficult to find products that are high-quality and unique. People turn to Etsy for both factory-made and exclusive handmade items.

Lifestyle Apps

There are plenty of ways that technology can make your life harder. However, there are also ways that it can improve your life significantly. If there’s something about your life you’d like to enhance, you can turn to an app for help.

Lifestyle apps are similar to productivity apps, but they are less work-based and more suited for personal goals. This is where you’ll find journaling, food, and mental health apps, to name a few.


There is no shortage of weight loss apps on the market, but Noom is different because it focuses on things other than calorie intake. The problem that a lot of people have when it comes to losing weight isn’t the number of calories they’re eating but the bad habits that they can’t get rid of.

Noom helps you build healthy habits, understand your relationship with food and make more mindful decisions. They provide all of the support and information you need to help you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Aloe Bud

If you’re struggling to set aside some time to take care of yourself, you might need a self-care app. It may seem a bit redundant, but when you live a busy life, you may end up putting yourself last on the priority list.

Aloe Bud inspires you to take care of yourself in a non-intrusive way.

There are a variety of ways and methods involved, such as taking breaks and reaching out to friends, and you can prioritize what is most important for the present moment. This helps you add balance to your life, so you always feel ready to take on the day.

The Types of Apps You Need on a New Phone

Phones help you get organized, keep track of important events, live a healthier lifestyle, and shop for all of your favorite things. With all of the options available, you’ll want guidance to lead you toward the different types of apps you should download. Use these tips to get started.

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