What Should I Do Right After a Bad Car Accident?

There are around six million car accidents in the US every year. People get injured in around three million of those, so you have a 50% chance of becoming hurt in one.

Any type of car accident is stressful and frustrating. But if the accident is a minor fender bender, you’re more likely to stay calm and not have any repercussions. If you are in a bad car accident, you might be in shock and unsure of what to do right away.

Read this simple step-by-step guide and memorize it. This guide will help you do everything you need to do in the event of a major collision.

Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

The first thing you should do is to check that you haven’t suffered a bad car accident injury. You might feel disoriented or in shock, so try to stay calm and look around your body and your passengers to check they aren’t hurt.

If you can, exit your car and check that everyone else involved is safe. Call medical emergency services right away if they don’t look 100% okay.

Lessen Further Danger

You don’t want to make a bad car accident worse. If your car is still driveable, move it out of traffic. Take a picture of the car’s position beforehand if you have time.

Afterward, keep yourself, your passengers, and anyone else involved away from the vehicles involved in the bad car accident. If oil is leaking, one of the cars might catch fire.

Contact the Police

Often the police won’t even respond to a minor collision, but they will if it’s a bad one. Call the police once it is safe for you to do so. You can also call a nearby loved one for support if you are alone, but try not to talk to anyone else too much.

Gather Important Information

You should only ask the other drivers involved in the bad car accident their name, address, phone number, and insurance details if possible. Write down their license plate number and take photos of the vehicles with your smartphone too.

You should research what to bring to a car accident lawyer should you need one. The more documentation and evidence you have, the better.

Call Your Insurance and a Tow Truck

If the car ownership is yours, you will need to call your insurance company and most likely a tow truck, too. If the vehicle ownership is not yours and you’re driving someone else’s car, contact them as soon as you’re able.

That’s What To Do After a Bad Car Accident

Getting into a bad car accident can be very scary and traumatic. In the weeks following the collision, you may need medical attention and time off work. But this guide should help you figure out what you need to do right away to lessen the damage and speed up the insurance process.

You hope you’ll never need to know how to cope in certain crises, but they are an unfortunate part of life. If you want to learn more crucial life advice like first aid or mechanics, browse our informative website for tons more useful articles!