50+ of the Best Comments to Leave Friend’s Photos on Facebook and Instagram

Are you tired of always leaving the same comments on your friends and families social media updates? If so, then you are in luck!

Today we are going to list some of the most fun, original, exciting and brilliant ways to start responding to anyone on social media. Best of all, these methods work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any of your other preferred social platforms.

Let’s get started.

Comments to Leave on New Profile Pics and Status Updates

Social media is all about keeping friends and family updated on what you are doing. This is especially true for any new pictures you want to take and share with others. When trying to come up with an original thing to say, and not always posting the same thing, try any of these.

  • You look insanely great in the picture, dare I say
  • Nice place and nice picture
  • Awesome pic guys, really love it!
  • Looking so nice
  • Stunning… just stunning!
  • Best picture ever
  • Good one dear
  • Wow, you look amazing!
  • You look fresh in nature
  • This photo makes me so happy 🙂
  • You look elegant man
  • Trending picture dear
  • Hey! You look amazing dear
  • Wow! This is gracious

Be sure to always switch up your comments, so people don’t see you posting the same ones for different people and different pictures.

Commenting on Social Profile Pictures

Every once in a while, we all like to update our social profile pictures. And when we do, it’s always great to hear from others on what they think. When one of your friends makes an update and adds a new photo to their profile, be sure to comment with any of the following.

  • How did you always manage to smile so well?
  • Amazing pic, call me!
  • Wow, cute pie
  • Out of the world, and you are a star
  • I can see the development in your personality
  • Beautiful Mom, beautiful daughter
  • Excellent photo choice. I love it 🙂
  • You look cheerful dear
  • Nice Pic
  • This is your best picture man
  • Your face is glowing!
  • Looking snazzy my friend!
  • Cuteness overloaded

Again, make sure you don’t copy and paste any of these, and then post them randomly across a ton of profile pics. People will quickly catch on.

Other Social Media Comments to Use

With different things happening on social media all the time, you may always want to include these comments when making the rounds on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

  • I bet this photo gets 1k likes!
  • Teach me how to take Selfie like you
  • My strong, confident and powerful!
  • Your photos always awesome
  • How I love you!
  • Nice pic!
  • Super nice pic bro
  • You are star of FB
  • Cool pic… let’s chat!
  • Wow, you are the best at driving!
  • Irresistible!
  • Your photo blasting on FB
  • Looking like Rockstar

Are You a Social Media Addict?

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