Top 10 Best Selling Manga of All Time

The United States is the 2nd largest manga consumer in the world, after Japan of course. With so much attention and money flowing into the world of Manga, some characters and art series need to be more popular than others.

While the United States audience must be proud of this feat, I’m sure you are all wondering who takes the crown for the most expensive Manga out there.

And to reward you and inform you about the fate of the world, I propose to share the best manga sales around the world. Because we have the right to know…. and no, Pokemon didn’t make the list!

1. One Piece (460 million sales)

Our number 1 at all. Best manga ever. Especially this year with crazy scans, especially chapter 957, which finished me. One Piece is a gem, and the day we get to the end, I don’t know what I’ll do with my life.

2. Dragon Ball (300 million sales)

Dragon Ball was a finished series (Goku throwing a Genkidama on Buu) before Dragon Ball Super appeared. Even if it’s no longer drawn by our Emperor Toriyama, DBS is still an excellent work that deserves to be read, especially for the multiverse tournament.

3. Golgo 13 (280 million sales)

Here’s a manga I haven’t read. Golgo 13 is the story of an assassin (Duke Togo) who is the best in his category. It follows the missions through 191 volumes, so if you want to buy them, say goodbye to your savings account.

4. Naruto (250 million sales)

Even if you don’t want my personal opinion on Naruto, I give it to you: I loved the period before Shippûden. The ninja exams, the beginnings of Taijutsu and Genjutsu, the Gaara VS Lee fight, and this final Naruto VS Sasuke so moving. The beginnings of Shippûden were cool too, but it was the great war where I gave up. Too many resurrections.

5. Detective Conan (230 million sales)

97 volumes to be stuffed to follow the adventures of the smartest child in the world (actually he’s 17, you know). Personally I followed the anime, but as at that time Arlong was hurting Nami I made my choice.

6. Black Jack (176 million sales)

Black Jack is a baby of Osamu Tezuka, the grandfather of manga. You may know him because he is the author of Astro, the little robot, King Leo, The Story of the 3 Adolphs and Buddha. Black Jack is his best-selling work. 17 volumes of pure delight where we follow a doctor who decides to treat everyone regardless of the morality of the victim. I strongly recommend it to you.

7. Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari koen mae hashutsujo (157 million sales)

This manga is a sitcom. The title means “This is the police station in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika district”, which is rather stylish for a title. 200 volumes where we follow the adventures of a lazy and perverted policeman who gets into a lot of trouble. Each adventure is independent, there is no common thread.

8. Oishinbo (130 million sales)

Eat the number 1 food on this planet. If you want to learn complicated recipes but don’t know how to handle a knife, then go to Marmiton it will be easier. Otherwise, read the 110 volumes of this work that will teach you how to make sushi. 

9. Slam Dunk (126 million sales)

Sports manga number 1 on this planet. With Kuroko no Basket too. And Eyeshield 21. And Ippo. Aaaaah I can’t choose. But unlike the other mastodons of this top, Slam Dunk is “only” 31 volumes. So, even if you’re late, you can get started.

10. Bleach (120 million sales)

Very happy to see my old love in this top. Bleach is a beautiful and pure drawing style, surely one of the most beautiful in the manga universe. Bleach is the manga that will make you want to buy as many swords as possible.

Manga Overload! What Else Ya Got?

Alright, I’m sure you are quite overwhelmed with all of the massive money flowing into the world of Manga, so let’s move on to something else.

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