David Iacono: Rising Star in Entertainment

David Iacono, born on June 20, 2002, is an American actor and model hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He rose to prominence for his role in the Amazon Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” (2022–2023). He has also appeared in films such as “Cinnamon” (2023). Iacono started his acting career at a young age and has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since 2008.

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Key Takeaways:

  • David Iacono is a rising star in the entertainment industry.
  • He gained recognition for his role in the Amazon Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”
  • Iacono has appeared in films such as “Cinnamon.”
  • He started his acting career at a young age.
  • Iacono has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since 2008.

Early Life and Education

David Iacono, born on June 20, 2002, hails from Brooklyn, New York. He has a diverse background, being of Italian and Puerto Rican descent. Iacono attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, where he nurtured his passion for the arts. He showed a particular interest in Filmmaking and even considered pursuing it further at the School of Visual Arts.

From a young age, Iacono displayed a natural talent and enthusiasm for acting. His education at a prestigious performing arts school provided him with a solid foundation to develop his skills. Beyond traditional schooling, Iacono’s personal experiences and cultural heritage have also influenced his approach to his craft.

With his early life and education shaping him into a well-rounded individual, David Iacono has embraced his talent and pursued a path in the entertainment industry.

For a more detailed look at David Iacono’s early life and education, refer to the table below:

Birthdate Place of Birth Ethnicity School Areas of Interest
June 20, 2002 Brooklyn, New York Italian and Puerto Rican Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School Filmmaking

David Iacono’s early life and education have played a significant role in shaping him into the talented and versatile actor he is today. His experiences, combined with his love for the arts, have propelled him to great heights in the entertainment industry.

Acting Career

David Iacono’s acting career spans over a decade, showcasing his talent and versatility in various film and television projects. Beginning as a child model, Iacono quickly transitioned into the world of acting, making his feature film debut in the crime horror “Choose” (2011). Since then, he has appeared in notable films such as “St. Vincent” (2014) and “Joker” (2019), where he showcased his ability to portray diverse characters across different genres.

In addition to his film work, Iacono has also made memorable television appearances. He has been seen in critically acclaimed shows like “The Slap,” “Show Me a Hero,” and “The Flight Attendant,” further solidifying his presence in the television industry. These roles have allowed him to display his range as an actor and captivate audiences with his performances.

Notable Filmography

Film Year
Choose 2011
St. Vincent 2014
Joker 2019

Through his extensive filmography, David Iacono has proven his dedication to his craft and his ability to take on challenging roles. Whether it’s on the big screen or the small screen, he continues to impress audiences with his talent, leaving a lasting impression with each performance. As he continues to pursue his acting career, fans can eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects and the new opportunities that lie ahead.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

In 2022, David Iacono landed a significant role in the Amazon Prime coming-of-age romance series “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” He portrays the character Cam Cameron, a young boy who becomes involved in a love triangle with a teenage girl named Belly and her two best guy friends. Iacono’s portrayal of Cam has garnered him a growing fan base and further established his presence in the entertainment industry.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Overview

Set against the backdrop of a beach town, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. The series is based on the bestselling book trilogy by Jenny Han and has captivated audiences with its heartfelt storytelling and relatable characters.

David Iacono’s character, Cam, is an integral part of the series and plays a crucial role in the unfolding drama. As the love interest of Belly, he brings depth and complexity to the story, capturing the hearts of viewers with his nuanced performance. Iacono’s portrayal of Cam showcases his talent and ability to bring complex characters to life on screen.

Impact and Reception

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” has received positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The series has been praised for its authentic portrayal of teenage emotions and relationships, with David Iacono’s performance as Cam earning particular acclaim. Fans have been captivated by the chemistry between Iacono’s character and the other leads, making the love triangle storyline a highlight of the show.

The popularity of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” has contributed to David Iacono’s rising stardom in the entertainment industry. With his compelling performance in the series, he has solidified his position as a talented actor to watch, and his portrayal of Cam has left a lasting impression on audiences.

Season Year Episodes
Season 1 2022 10
Season 2 2023 10

Other Projects

While “The Summer I Turned Pretty” has certainly been a breakthrough role for David Iacono, he has exciting projects lined up that showcase his versatility as an actor. These upcoming roles demonstrate his commitment to expanding his range and exploring different genres.

One of the highly anticipated projects is the DC Universe series “Dead Boy Detectives” on Netflix. Based on the comic book series, the show follows a pair of deceased schoolboys who become detectives in the afterlife. Iacono’s involvement in this supernatural crime-solving series highlights his ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters.

Additionally, Iacono will be starring in the Amazon Prime series “Hot Pink,” which promises to be a captivating drama centered around the fashion industry. This project allows Iacono to delve into the world of high-stakes storytelling and tackle complex themes.

Upcoming Projects Role
“Dead Boy Detectives” (Netflix) Unknown
“Hot Pink” (Amazon Prime) Unknown

These upcoming roles not only further solidify David Iacono’s presence in the entertainment industry but also allow him to showcase his talents in different storytelling mediums. Fans and industry insiders alike are eagerly awaiting his performances in these exciting projects.

David Iacono Filmography

David Iacono has an impressive filmography, showcasing his talent and range as an actor. From his early beginnings to his recent projects, Iacono has consistently delivered captivating performances on the big screen.

Here is a list of some of the notable films in which David Iacono has appeared:

Film Year Role
Choose 2011 Tommy
St. Vincent 2014 Diaper Kid
Joker 2019 Young Arthur

In “Choose” (2011), Iacono portrayed the character Tommy, showcasing his early talent and potential as a young actor. He then went on to play the role of the Diaper Kid in the critically acclaimed film “St. Vincent” (2014), solidifying his versatility. In “Joker” (2019), Iacono took on the role of Young Arthur, delivering a memorable performance in the award-winning film.

Through his filmography, David Iacono has demonstrated his commitment to his craft and his ability to tackle diverse roles. Each project has contributed to his growth as an actor, showcasing his range and talent.

Disclaimer: The above filmography is not exhaustive and includes only a selection of David Iacono’s notable film roles.

Television Appearances

David Iacono’s talent as an actor extends beyond the big screen, as he has made notable appearances on various television shows throughout his career. These television roles have allowed him to showcase his versatility and range as an actor, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

In 2015, Iacono starred in the NBC miniseries “The Slap,” based on the Australian television series of the same name. He portrayed the character of Rocco, a young boy whose life is affected by a controversial incident at a family gathering. Iacono’s portrayal of Rocco garnered critical acclaim and demonstrated his ability to bring depth and nuance to his performances.

Iacono also made a memorable appearance in the HBO miniseries “Show Me a Hero” in 2015. The series, created by David Simon, explores the racial tensions and housing crisis in Yonkers, New York, during the late 1980s. Iacono played the role of Billie Rowan, a local resident whose life is impacted by the political and social turmoil of the time.

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” (2022–2023).

In 2020, Iacono joined the cast of the hit HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant,” starring alongside Kaley Cuoco. He played the recurring character of Henry, a young man who has a complicated connection to one of the main characters. Iacono’s performance in the series further highlighted his ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters.

Iacono’s Television Appearances:

  • “The Slap” (2015)
  • “Show Me a Hero” (2015)
  • “The Flight Attendant” (2020–2022)

Through his television appearances, David Iacono has continually proven his talent and versatility as an actor, captivating audiences with his performances on both the small and big screens.

Education and Training

David Iacono’s commitment to honing his craft as an actor is evident in his education and training. He attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, a renowned performing arts school in New York City. At LaGuardia, he had the opportunity to learn from talented teachers and immerse himself in a curriculum that nurtured his passion for acting.

During his time at LaGuardia, Iacono delved into various aspects of performing arts, including acting techniques, stage presence, and character development. He embraced the opportunity to collaborate with fellow aspiring actors, gaining valuable insights and perspectives.

Furthermore, Iacono’s training extends beyond his formal education. He has actively sought out workshops and classes to further refine his skills. These additional training experiences have allowed him to explore different acting methodologies and expand his range as a performer.

Education and Training Highlights:

  • Attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, a prestigious performing arts school.
  • Studied acting techniques, stage presence, and character development.
  • Engaged in collaborative projects with fellow aspiring actors.
  • Participated in workshops and classes to enhance his skills.
Education and Training Highlights Description
Attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School A renowned performing arts school in New York City
Studied acting techniques Explored various methods to enhance his craft
Developed stage presence Learned how to captivate audiences through his performances
Explored character development Gained insights into bringing complex characters to life
Collaborated with fellow aspiring actors Engaged in collaborative projects to exchange ideas and perspectives
Participated in workshops and classes Continued to expand his skills and explore new acting methodologies

Through his education and training, David Iacono has built a solid foundation for his acting career. His dedication to learning and honing his skills showcases his commitment to his craft and sets him apart as an emerging talent in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life and Hobbies

When David Iacono is not immersed in his acting career, he enjoys pursuing his personal interests and hobbies. While he keeps his personal life private, he has been open about a few activities that bring him joy and relaxation.


  • Writing: David has expressed his love for writing, which serves as a creative outlet for him. Whether it’s jotting down his thoughts in a journal or exploring different writing styles, it allows him to tap into his imagination and express himself.
  • Swimming: Another hobby that David enjoys is swimming. The water provides him with a sense of tranquility and allows him to stay active and fit. It’s a great way for him to unwind and clear his mind after a long day.

These hobbies not only provide David Iacono with a break from his demanding schedule but also contribute to his overall well-being. They are outlets that allow him to explore different sides of his creativity and find balance in his life.

david iacono personal life

Challenges Advice
The downtime between projects Stay focused on the craft and personal growth
Mental strain of transitioning between roles Find ways to stay motivated and continue honing your skills
Managing expectations and seeking validation Pursue the industry for the right reasons and stay true to your passion

Despite the challenges, Iacono remains dedicated to his craft and encourages aspiring actors to do the same. By embracing the obstacles and maintaining a strong work ethic, actors can navigate the industry’s demands and continue to grow as artists.

Social Media and Presence

David Iacono understands the importance of maintaining a strong social media presence in today’s digital age. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, he has found a way to connect with his fans and keep them updated on his latest projects and personal life.

On Instagram, David Iacono shares glimpses into his life behind the scenes, giving his followers a closer look at his experiences in the entertainment industry. From photoshoots to on-set moments, he provides a window into the world of an up-and-coming actor.

Through social media, David Iacono has built a dedicated fan base that supports and follows his journey. His interactions with fans through comments and direct messages create a sense of community, making them feel like they are a part of his success.

By utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, David Iacono has harnessed the power of technology to enhance his career and establish a strong online presence. It allows him to engage with his audience, share his passion for acting, and create a connection beyond the screen.