French Door Fridge vs Side by Side: Which Refrigerator Is Best?

Over 99.8% of American homes have at least one refrigerator. The refrigerator is the most popular home appliance, but there are several different styles to choose from. 

If you’re trying to choose a refrigerator for your home, two of the top options to consider are French-door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators. Each of these has pros and cons, so be sure to consider them when making your choice.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide whether to choose a French door fridge vs side by side fridge for your home.

French Door Fridge vs Side by Side: Which Refrigerator Is Best?

What Is a French Door Refrigerator?

A French door refrigerator is a refrigerator that has two side-by-side doors at the top with a pull-out freezer section at the bottom.

Because the refrigerator occupies the entire top portion of a French door refrigerator, it offers more width when compared to other types of refrigerators. This adds a lot of convenience that many homeowners appreciate.

The French-door fridge is an ideal option for storing items with larger widths and can offer a lot of flexibility in what you can store. In addition to this, items in the fridge are kept at eye level, so it will be easy to access everyday food items that you need.

What Is a Side by Side Refrigerator?

A side by side refrigerator is a common style of refrigerator in which the fridge section and freezer section are side by side.

There are two shutter-style doors on this type of fridge and each of them extends from the very top to the very bottom. These types of refrigerators will vary and the two sections aren’t always equal in size. Many times, the fridge section will be wider than the freezer.

Although this type of fridge can allow better access to a freezer section than the French door refrigerator does, it has its drawbacks as well. The main problem is that both the fridge and freezer sections won’t be as wide. This can make it harder to store large and wide food items.

Which Is Better?

Keep in mind that French door refrigerators are typically a bit more expensive, so if you’re looking for the cheapest option then side-by-side refrigerators are the better choice.

You should also think carefully about how you’ll use the appliance. If you want to have greater width in your fridge and freezer then a French door refrigerator can be a good option and can easily allow you to store larger items.

Also, remember that there are a lot of added features that you can find as well such as smart refrigerator features, high-quality icemakers, and other things to consider. You’ll want to decide if any of these extra features appeal to you.

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Deciding Between French Door Fridge Vs Side By Side Fridge Options

If you want to get a great refrigerator for your home, you should understand the difference between French door fridge vs side by side fridge options. While a French door fridge will have increased width, a side by side fridge allows for easy, eye-level access to both the fridge and freezer sections.

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