6 Common Gift Wrapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you getting ready for the rush of the holidays? Are you hoping to give your gifts an extra bit of flair this year? What about wrapping your presents?

Wrapping presents can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to making them look extra special. However, making some easy mistakes could ruin your whole presentation. Do you want to learn how to avoid common gift wrapping mistakes so you can have a smooth wrapping session?

See below for several mistakes that many people make when gifting presents. Continue reading to learn how to avoid balancing issues and more.

1. Buying Too Many Materials

When it comes to gift wrapping, one common mistake made is buying too many gift wrapping supplies. To avoid this, always measure the size of the gifts you’re buying and purchase supplies accordingly.

If you’re wrapping multiple gifts, take a few minutes to extrapolate your estimated totals. Additionally, buy what you need to wrap each gift but try hard to avoid buying more than necessary in case you need an extra roll.

2. Not Buying Liquor Gift Baskets

When it comes to gifting liquor, it’s easy to get carried away. Many people make the mistake of buying liquor gift baskets without considering the recipient’s preferences.

It’s important to think about the type of liquor that will be most well-received by the intended recipient. It’s usually best to stick with the basics and purchase individual bottles of liquor.

3. Using Cheap Tape or Glue

Tape can be a very important part of gift wrapping if used properly. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of using cheap tape or glue when wrapping gifts.

This can be embarrassing and inconvenient, as the gift could easily rip or become undone when someone tries to open it. To avoid this, always make sure to use good quality, dependable tape that is strong and durable.

4. Ignoring the Edges That Need to Be Trimmed

This is a simple mistake that can ruin the overall appearance of the package. To ensure the paper used to wrap the gift is covering all edges, measure the size of the gift, then add a few more inches for overhang. Before taping the edges of the paper, trim the edges of the wrapping paper to a neat and even finish.

5. Ignoring the Recipient’s Taste

When it comes to gift wrapping, one of the most common mistakes is ignoring the recipient’s taste. By not taking into consideration the types of gifts the person likes and dislikes, you can end up with something that looks out of place.

Therefore it is always important to carefully consider the recipient’s taste and preferences when selecting, wrapping, and giving gifts. Doing this will ensure that you give your friends and family something that they can appreciate and enjoy.

6. Not Embellishing the Gifts

Not including a ribbon, bow, or tag can make a gift look unprofessional and unappealing. To ensure the gift looks perfect, it is important to make the extra effort to embellish it. A ribbon or a hand-tied bow are some of the simplest ways to dress up a gift. 

Top Tips for Avoiding Common Gift Wrapping Mistakes

Gift wrapping should be a joyful and creative experience! By avoiding these common gift wrapping mistakes, you can ensure that your gifts look beautiful and stunning.

For perfect and easy gift wrapping every time, try our step-by-step guide and get creative with your gift wrapping!

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