Current Candy Crush Levels Count – Find Out Now!

Are you curious about how many levels are there in Candy Crush Saga? As one of the most popular mobile games of all time, Candy Crush Saga offers a seemingly endless array of challenging levels for players to conquer. Whether you’re a casual player looking for some fun or a dedicated candy crusher aiming to reach the highest level, knowing the current candy crush level count can be quite intriguing.

Currently, Candy Crush Saga boasts a whopping total of 15,725 levels on mobile devices and 15,815 levels on the Microsoft Store App version. These levels are spread across 1,049 episodes on mobile and 1,055 episodes on the Microsoft Store App version. With new levels being released regularly, Candy Crush Saga continues to push the boundaries with an ever-growing number of levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Candy Crush Saga currently has over 15,000 levels across multiple platforms.
  • The game offers a staggering number of episodes, ensuring players always have new content to conquer.
  • Be prepared for regular level updates and new releases, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • Join the vibrant Candy Crush community to connect with other players and share tips and strategies.
  • Conquering levels requires skill and strategic thinking, so make use of boosters, power-ups, and special candies to maximize your progress.

Candy Crush Level Types

In Candy Crush Saga, players encounter various types of levels that offer unique challenges and gameplay mechanics. Understanding these different types can help players strategize their approach and overcome each level more efficiently.

  1. Ingredient Levels: In these levels, players must bring down specific ingredients to the bottom of the board. This often requires careful planning and frequent use of special candies to clear a path for the ingredients.
  2. Jelly Levels: Jelly levels require players to clear all the jelly squares on the board. Matching candies adjacent to the jelly squares gradually removes the jelly until none are left. These levels often have blockers, such as licorice swirls or meringue, that impede progress and add to the challenge.
  3. Timed Levels: Timed levels add an extra layer of urgency to the gameplay. Players must race against the clock to reach a specific score within a given time limit. Combining candies and creating special candies is crucial for achieving high scores before time runs out.
  4. Order Levels: Order levels require players to collect a certain number of specific candies. The order can include regular and special candies, and players need to strategize their moves to fulfill the requirements. These levels often have obstacles that impede progress and make fulfilling orders more challenging.
  5. Challenging Levels: Challenging levels come in various forms and often combine different objectives from the above types. These levels test players’ skills and strategic thinking, presenting them with unique challenges that require careful planning and execution to complete.

To keep players engaged, Candy Crush Saga introduces new level types regularly, ensuring that the gameplay remains fresh and exciting. With each level type offering its own set of challenges, players can experience a diverse range of gameplay mechanics as they progress through the game.

As players progress through the levels, they will encounter a blend of different level types, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging. Stay tuned for the upcoming sections to learn more about milestone levels, level statistics, progress tracking, and helpful strategies to conquer even the toughest Candy Crush levels.

Candy Crush Level Milestones

In Candy Crush Saga, players can reach various milestones as they progress through the levels. These milestone levels mark significant achievements and offer unique challenges for players to overcome. Let’s take a look at some notable milestones in Candy Crush Saga:

Milestone Levels by Types

1. Jelly Levels: Jelly levels are one of the classic level types in Candy Crush Saga. Players need to clear all the jelly squares on the board to complete the level. Some milestone jelly levels include:

  • Milestone Jelly Level 100 – “Sweet Sensation”
  • Milestone Jelly Level 250 – “Jelly Jamboree”
  • Milestone Jelly Level 500 – “Jelly Jubilee”

2. Ingredient Levels: Ingredient levels require players to bring down specific ingredients to the bottom of the board. These levels add an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay. Notable milestone ingredient levels include:

  • Milestone Ingredient Level 200 – “Candy Contraption”
  • Milestone Ingredient Level 400 – “Ingredient Isle”
  • Milestone Ingredient Level 600 – “Conveyor Chaos”

3. Timed Levels: Timed levels challenge players to complete the objectives within a specific time limit. These levels require quick thinking and efficient moves. Some milestone timed levels include:

  • Milestone Timed Level 150 – “Time Ticking”
  • Milestone Timed Level 300 – “Clockwork Conundrum”
  • Milestone Timed Level 450 – “Time Trial”

4. Order Levels: Order levels involve collecting or clearing specific candies or blockers to fulfill the given orders. These levels can be quite challenging due to the specific requirements. Notable milestone order levels include:

  • Milestone Order Level 175 – “Candy Collection”
  • Milestone Order Level 350 – “Order Odyssey”
  • Milestone Order Level 525 – “Order Obsession”

5. Mixed Levels: Mixed levels combine different objective types into a single level, providing players with a unique and challenging gameplay experience. Some milestone mixed levels include:

  • Milestone Mixed Level 125 – “Sweet Fusion”
  • Milestone Mixed Level 250 – “Objective Overload”
  • Milestone Mixed Level 375 – “Challenge Cocktail”

These are just a few examples of the many milestone levels available in Candy Crush Saga. Each milestone level offers its own set of challenges and rewards, keeping players engaged and motivated to progress further.

Candy Crush Level Milestones

Candy Crush Level Progress Tracking

As you progress through the Candy Crush levels, it’s natural to want to keep track of how far you’ve come. Candy Crush Saga has a built-in feature that allows you to easily track your level progress and see the highest level you’ve reached. This feature keeps players motivated, engaged, and striving to conquer each level and reach new milestones.

When playing Candy Crush Saga, the game automatically tracks the highest level you’ve achieved. You can easily access this information within the game interface, giving you a clear sense of your progress. Seeing your highest level reached can be a source of pride and accomplishment, igniting the desire to continue pushing forward.

Tracking your progress is not only beneficial for personal satisfaction, but it can also help you set goals and challenges for yourself. Whether you want to beat your own record or compete with friends, knowing your highest level reached provides a benchmark to strive for.

  • Stay motivated by challenging yourself to reach new levels.
  • Compare your progress with friends and fellow players.
  • Set personal goals to keep the game exciting and engaging.

By tracking your progress and aiming to reach new levels, you can continue to experience the thrill of Candy Crush Saga and enjoy the satisfaction of conquering each challenging level.


“The progress tracking feature in Candy Crush Saga is a game-changer. It’s so gratifying to see how far I’ve come and compete with my friends. I always strive to beat my highest level reached and set new goals for myself. It keeps the game fresh and exciting!” – Jennifer, Candy Crush enthusiast

candy crush progress tracking

Benefits of Progress Tracking
Provides personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment
Allows for friendly competition and comparison with friends
Motivates players to set and achieve new goals
Keeps the game exciting and engaging

Highest Candy Crush Level

As Candy Crush Saga continues to captivate players around the world, the quest for the highest candy crush level is an ongoing pursuit. With new levels added regularly, the highest level reached by players is in a constant state of evolution and advancement. Each player’s highest level may differ based on their unique progress and dedication.

The beauty of Candy Crush Saga lies in its infinite potential for growth. There is no predetermined highest level in the game, allowing players to push the boundaries and set new records as they conquer each level. With every update, the game expands with fresh content and innovative challenges, pushing players to reach new heights.

To showcase the dynamic nature of Candy Crush Saga’s highest level, here is a snapshot of the current record:

Player Highest Level
Emma 3235
Alexander 2850
Sophia 2521
Liam 2196
Olivia 1872

Take a moment to appreciate these impressive achievements, but remember that the highest candy crush level will continue to rise as new levels are released. Every player has the opportunity to make their mark and aspire to new heights.

Highest Candy Crush Level

The regular influx of new levels also allows players to stay on top of the game’s evolving storyline and adventures. With each episode, you’ll encounter unique obstacles, exciting power-ups, and discover new ways to strategize your moves.

Candy Crush Saga’s commitment to releasing new levels consistently keeps players engaged and offers a never-ending supply of excitement and challenges. So, mark your calendars and get ready to conquer the latest Candy Crush levels!

Candy Crush Level Updates and Discontinuations

In order to provide players with fresh and exciting gameplay, Candy Crush Saga frequently updates its levels. These updates may include the introduction of new challenges, obstacles, or special elements that enhance the overall gaming experience. By updating the levels, the game developers ensure that players continue to be engaged and entertained as they progress through the game.

Additionally, as the game evolves, some older levels may be redesigned to improve their design, mechanics, or difficulty balance. This redesign process aims to address any issues, enhance playability, and maintain the game’s quality standards. By updating these levels, Candy Crush Saga strives to offer the best possible gaming experience for its dedicated player base.

However, it is important to note that not all levels undergo updates. Some levels that are no longer deemed enjoyable or engaging may be discontinued. This discontinuation helps create space for new content and ensures that players are consistently presented with fresh challenges and puzzles to solve.

Players should stay updated with the latest level releases to avoid missing out on any new additions to the game. By regularly checking for updates, players can stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to tackle the latest levels and obstacles that Candy Crush Saga introduces.

Candy Crush Level Platforms

Conquer the Game on Different Platforms

Candy Crush Saga is not just confined to a single platform. The addictive gameplay of Candy Crush can be experienced on various platforms, ensuring that players can enjoy the match-three puzzle game wherever they prefer. Let’s explore the different platforms where you can indulge in the sweet world of Candy Crush:

  1. Facebook: Candy Crush Saga can be played directly on Facebook, allowing players to connect with friends, challenge them, and share their achievements.
  2. iOS: iPhone and iPad users can download the Candy Crush app from the App Store and enjoy the game on their Apple devices.
  3. Android: Candy Crush Saga is also available on the Google Play Store, catering to the vast Android user base.
  4. Windows: Windows users can embark on their candy-matching adventure by downloading the game from the Microsoft Store.

While the gameplay remains consistent across all platforms, it’s important to note that the level count may slightly differ due to variations in updates and release schedules. However, regardless of the platform you choose, you can still immerse yourself in the same addictive gameplay and conquer the vast number of levels offered by the game.

Candy Crush Level Platforms

Platform Level Count
Facebook 15,725
iOS 15,725
Android 15,725
Windows 15,725

Candy Crush Level History

Candy Crush Saga has a rich history of level development and evolution. The game has come a long way since its inception, starting with a smaller number of levels and steadily expanding over time. The developers have continuously introduced new level types and features to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for players.

Throughout its evolution, Candy Crush levels have undergone redesigns and improvements to offer the best gaming experience. The developers have listened to player feedback and made changes accordingly, ensuring that each level presents a unique challenge and a rewarding sense of accomplishment when completed.

The introduction of new level types, such as timed levels, ingredient drop levels, and jelly levels, has added variety and excitement to the game. Each new level type brings fresh gameplay mechanics and strategies, requiring players to adapt their approach and think creatively to solve the puzzles.

The evolution of Candy Crush levels also includes the introduction of special candies and boosters. These powerful tools can be strategically used to clear obstacles, create powerful combos, and complete levels more efficiently. Players have discovered innovative ways to combine these special candies and boosters, leading to impressive high scores and fast level completion.

As the game continues to evolve, players can expect more surprises and challenges with every update. The game developers are committed to providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for Candy Crush enthusiasts around the world.

candy crush level history

*Image description: A captivating image representing the evolution of Candy Crush levels, showcasing various levels and candies from different episodes.

Candy Crush Level Strategies and Tips

Conquering Candy Crush levels requires skill and strategy. To boost your chances of success, here are some useful techniques and tips:

  1. Create special candies and use them strategically: Combining candies of the same color or creating special candies like striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs can help you clear multiple candies and obstacles in one move. Look for opportunities to create powerful combinations.
  2. Clear blockers and obstacles to create space on the board: Clearing chocolate, licorice, and other blockers not only gives you more open space to make matches but also helps you access hard-to-reach areas of the board. Prioritize removing blockers to maximize your options.
  3. Plan moves ahead to maximize the impact of each move: Take your time to analyze the board and plan your moves strategically. Look for cascading effects and opportunities to create chain reactions. Pay attention to the objectives of the level and focus on moves that bring you closer to completing them.
  4. Utilize boosters and power-ups effectively: Boosters and power-ups can be a game-changer in challenging levels. Use them strategically to clear specific obstacles or create big combos. However, use them wisely and save them for the right moment to maximize their effectiveness.
  5. Take advantage of the Sugar Crush feature: After completing a level, the Sugar Crush feature is activated. This feature causes various special candies to be activated and clear additional candies, increasing your score. Try to complete levels with as few moves as possible to trigger powerful Sugar Crush effects.

By applying these strategies and tips, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenging levels of Candy Crush Saga and achieve higher scores. Keep practicing and experimenting with different approaches to find what works best for you.

candy crush level strategies

Candy Crush Level Community

Candy Crush Saga is not just a game; it’s a vibrant and dedicated player community. With millions of players around the world, Candy Crush enthusiasts have formed a strong and supportive community where they can share their passion for the game.

One of the key aspects of the Candy Crush level community is the opportunity for players to connect with others who share the same love for the game. Online forums, social media groups, and fan websites provide platforms where players can gather, share tips and tricks, and discuss their favorite levels and strategies.

Whether you’re stuck on a challenging level or looking for ways to improve your gameplay, the Candy Crush community is always there to lend a helping hand. Players eagerly share their knowledge and experiences, offering valuable insights and advice to fellow enthusiasts. It’s a place where players can find support, motivation, and encouragement to overcome even the toughest levels.

Additionally, the Candy Crush level community enjoys celebrating their achievements together. From reaching milestone levels to conquering the latest episode, players cheer each other on and share the joy of success. The sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishments within the community creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere that keeps players engaged and connected.


How many levels are there in Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga currently has a total of 15,725 levels on mobile devices and 15,815 levels on the Microsoft Store App version.

What are the different types of levels in Candy Crush Saga?

There are five different types of levels in Candy Crush Saga.

Are there milestone levels in Candy Crush Saga?

Yes, Candy Crush Saga has milestone levels for each level type.

How can I track my progress through the levels in Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga keeps track of the highest level reached by each player, allowing them to see their progress.

What is the highest level in Candy Crush Saga?

The highest level in Candy Crush Saga is constantly changing as new levels are added regularly.

How often are new levels released in Candy Crush Saga?

New levels are usually added every week in Candy Crush Saga, with releases usually occurring on Wednesdays.

Are levels in Candy Crush Saga updated or discontinued?

Candy Crush Saga constantly updates its levels and may discontinue some older levels to make room for new content.

Can I play Candy Crush Saga on different platforms?

Yes, Candy Crush Saga is available on various platforms, including Facebook, iOS, Android, and Windows.

How has the development of Candy Crush levels evolved over time?

Candy Crush levels have continuously expanded and evolved over time, introducing new level types and features.

What strategies and tips can help me conquer Candy Crush levels?

Players can utilize techniques such as creating special candies, clearing blockers, and planning moves ahead to improve their chances of success in Candy Crush Saga.

Is there a Candy Crush player community?

Yes, Candy Crush Saga has a vibrant player community where players can connect, share tips and tricks, and celebrate their level achievements together.