5 Must-Know Instagram Photo Editing Tips

Did you know that more than 2 billion people from around the world use the Instagram application?

Instagram is connected to Facebook and is used as a place to share photos and videos with the world.

If you want to create engaging content, you will need to capture the best images possible.

Keep reading to learn the most effective photo editing tips for your Instagram photos that will get you more likes!

1. Take a Good Shot

One of the best photo editing tips to do is to take a good shot when you have the chance.

Since you likely won’t get the perfect shot on the first try, you should take many photos. Changing the lighting, angles, and settings while taking the shot will also help you when it comes to editing.

The more options that you have to choose from, the easier it will be to find content for Instagram posts.

2. Crop & Straighten

If you are looking for photo editing advice, you should always crop and straighten the image.

Cropping the photo will help you get rid of wasted space and distractions. This tool can draw attention to the focal point and reduce the items in view. Straightening the photo is also important if you angled the camera, always check this setting, even if you think it looks okay.

You can also use a picture resizer to adjust your photo settings. This will make it easier to post photos that require more storage.

3. Balance the White

If you go to edit photos and the colors seem to be off, you should check the white balance.

Instagram and photo editing applications have a white balance tool that will improve the quality of your images. As long as something white is in the photo (even if it’s just a light switch), you can use it to adjust the other colors.

When you tell the device that it is supposed to be pure white, it adjusts the other photo settings to compensate.

4. Focus on Colors

After you have identified the white spot and balanced the color and lighting, you can focus on the other colors.

Depending on the tone you are giving with a photo, you can add red, green, blue, or orange to your picture. Adjusting the contrast and tone will give you control of these colors to help make items stand out.

5. Increase Sharpness

If you are looking at your photos and the lines of items seem blurry, you should check the sharpness.

Instagram has a resourceful tool that lets you increase the image sharpness and definition. This makes it look less blurry, more focused, and better. It is important to post clear and defined photos on Instagram, otherwise, your photo won’t get as much interaction.

Try These Photo Editing Tips Today

Whether you are an online influencer, make posts for work, or enjoy Instagram for fun, you will want the best pictures.

Taking the best pictures is hard enough on its own but you can turn something dull into a beautiful photograph that people will love. You should improve your Instagram photos with these tips to increase your followers and gain more attention.

Don’t be scared to practice editing photos, since you can always revert them to the original. These photo editing tips will help you build the best social media profile.

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