Examples of Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Have Changed The Game

More than 6 billion people all across the world own and use smartphones these days. Many of them spend at least a few hours each day on their smartphones.

For this reason alone, you should make sure that you make mobile marketing a big part of your company’s marketing strategy. You can utilize all the marketing tips you want. But if you don’t put the right mobile marketing tactics to good use, you’ll find that your marketing strategy won’t be as strong as it could and should be.

So, what are some good examples of mobile marketing campaigns that have helped change the marketing game? We’re going to discuss a handful of them today. It should illustrate why it’s so important to use mobile marketing to your advantage, and it might even give you some solid mobile marketing ideas.

Check out several of the most impactful examples of mobile marketing below.

Examples of Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Have Changed The Game

Burger King

A few years ago, Burger King decided it was going to give away about half a million burgers to its customers. But it didn’t do it just any old way.

Instead, BK put together one of the best examples of mobile marketing when it added an augmented reality feature to its app that would allow people to “burn” ads from BK’s competition. Those who participated in this marketing campaign were able to collect vouchers that they could use for free BK burgers in exchange for “burning” these ads.

This mobile marketing campaign ended up winning awards and was a huge win for the BK marketing department.


Have you ever thought about dipping a Twix bar into a cup of coffee? If not, you no doubt thought about doing it after Twix launched a mobile marketing campaign that called for people to share photos and videos of themselves dipping Twix into cups of coffee on Instagram.

This mobile marketing campaign led to a spike in Twix sales, and it also gave people one more way to enjoy their Twix bars from now on. It’s what made it another one of the best examples of mobile marketing in recent memory.


When you’re shopping for furniture on the IKEA website, you have to visualize what this furniture will look like once you welcome it into your home in your head. But IKEA once introduced an augmented reality app that allowed people to pick out furniture and see precisely what it would look like in any room in their houses.

Thanks to this marketing campaign, IKEA has been able to bring in hundreds of thousands of new app users each month. It’s also given them a huge leg up on all their competitors who have struggled to incorporate this same kind of technology into their apps.


The auto industry is notoriously very competitive when it comes to marketing. It’s why you probably see at least a few car commercials every single time you sit down to watch TV.

Honda does its fair share of advertising on TV, but the automaker also threw its hat into the ring when it comes to excellent examples of mobile marketing while promoting the 2022 Honda Civic. They designed a mobile game that allowed people to test drive both the 2022 Civic and the Honda RB16B Formula One car on their smartphones and win vouchers that could be redeemed for prizes.

Honda knew what it was doing as it stirred up lots of free publicity for the 2022 Civic and allowed Honda to stand out in the auto industry for its mobile marketing contributions.


Remember when toilet paper was extremely hard to come by at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic? Most of the toilet paper brands tried to capitalize on this with their own marketing efforts. But few capitalized on it quite like Cottonelle did.

Cottonelle came up with a #ShareASquare campaign that encouraged people to share posts about how they were willing to leave some TP behind at the grocery stores and pharmacies for other people. In exchange, Cottonelle committed to donating $1 for every shared post so that everyone would win by taking part in the campaign.


Companies spend millions of dollars to run Super Bowl commercials every February. They do this because they know the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events of the entire year. It helps brands get hundreds of millions of eyeballs on their products and services.

But somehow, Oreo managed to earn itself a ton of free publicity during the Super Bowl about a decade ago when the power went out at halftime of a Baltimore Ravens/San Francisco 49ers game. They sent out a tweet about how people could “still dunk in the dark” with Oreos that went viral and stole the show to some degree.


Back in 2013, Starbucks decided that it was going to go hard when it came to SMS marketing, and it provided the world with one of the most successful examples of mobile marketing in general. They started up a trivia text message campaign that allowed people to answer questions in exchange for the chance to win prizes.

This led to mobile Starbucks sales jumping dramatically. It also led to Starbucks eventually sending out over 2 billion SMS messages in 2013 alone, which helped the company grow to be even bigger than it already was.

SMS marketing continues to be a very effective tool for many companies, including both big corporations and small businesses. Search for the right text messages template to start taking advantage of SMS marketing for your company.

These Are Just Some of the Best Examples of Mobile Marketing

These Are Just Some of the Best Examples of Mobile Marketing

If we were to list all of the amazing examples of mobile marketing for you, we would be here all day. There have been so many mobile marketing campaigns that have popped off over time.

If your company isn’t using mobile marketing yet, you should change that immediately. Use some of the great examples of mobile marketing listed here for inspiration.

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