7 of the Most Dangerous He-Man Villains from Eternia

He-Man, the blonde-haired, ridiculously ripped, sword-swinging alpha male may have had the power of Grayskull, but he also had a lot of enemies. The planet of Eternia was not the safest place in the galaxy. This is do to the fact that there was a wicked selection of creeps and magical hybrid beasts that roamed around using wizardry and brute strength for their own personal pillaging.

Some of these outer space foes were spookier than others. This collection includes the seven most memorable He-Man villains and the reasons why they were so scary to kids. 

Check out this list of top He-Man villains that you may or may not remember from those good old years!


The skull is certainly the symbol of death. And He-Man’s chief antagonist – Skeletor – is an evil, ghoulish skeleton who actually has muscles over his skeleton to fight a fierce battle. His skull face alone could make a kid have nightmares – after waking up. 

Beast Man

Picture a werewolf with elf ears, punk rock eyeliner and a “hell fire” orange coat of fur. Yes, this is Beast Man and he is one scary mammal. Plus, his arms look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger lives underneath them. 


This creepy He-Man villain is actually a despicable duo with a pair of bickering heads that don’t even get along with each other, let alone their victims. Two-Bad is ugly twice, one side royal blue the other side plum purple – both with fangs. 


When you are dealing with a slimy, scaly serpent with a huge crocodile tail, you are talking about a He-Man enemy that will not only scare you, but also eat you if he had the chance to. 


Trap Jaw

Here comes a super shady cyborg with one good arm and a weapon taking the place of his other arm. His vomit-green freak face and jagged metal jaw equate to someone that children will never take comfort in looking at. 


There is something absolutely terrifying about a guy with three eyeballs the size of balled-up fists that spin around a big green visor that covers his entire forehead. Tri-Klops looks at anything and everything with a piercing stare that expresses hatred and dislike for everyone. 


If a skunk man that can control his own odor is not scary enough, Stinkor also has the unattractive appearance of a foul skunk, with a rather stank attitude to match. Even Stinkor’s action figure produced by Mattel carried a stench – the opposite of perfume. 

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