10 of the Most Expensive Comic Books in the World

A comic book costs between 2 and 8 Dollars, with time this comic book will become rare or even untraceable and will see its price increase by several hundred dollars, the opportunity for the sharpest collectors (such as Nicolas Cage) to spend their money and for us to make a Top 10 of the most expensive comics in the world.

#10: More Fun Comics 

Current market price estimated at : 250,000$

Reason for its importance: Beginning of “The Spectre” in 1940, being a character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (co-creators of Superman) and being the character they worked on the longest.

#9: Archie Comics 

Current market price estimated at : 260,000$

Reason for its importance: A comic that will have broken the genre by introducing quite adult themes such as sex, violence and non-superheroic reality.

#8: Captain America Comics 

Current market price estimated at : 350,000$

Reason of its importance: The first appearance of Captain America in 1941, the film about the super hero and his team (Avengers) helped a lot in the increase of this price; He is also one of the first super heroes of Marvel (With Namor) and its importance in the course of time will not stop growing given the icon that it represents and the hope that it generates.


#7: Marvel Comics 

Current market price estimated at : 375,000$

Reason for its importance: Published in 1939, this issue was the first Timely Comics (later to become Marvel Comics) comic book and it featured the first human torch: an android unrelated to the Fantastic Four torch.

#6: Flash Comics

Current market price estimated at : 385,000$

Reason for its importance: The first appearance of the first Flash and Hawkman. While Superman and Batman were already well known, Flash had introduced the idea that comic books were the new American mythology transcribed on paper. So this issue featured Jay Garrick (the first Flash) who would disappear a few years later to make way for other Flashes and then go back in time… thus creating the concept of “multiverse”.

#5: Batman

Current market price estimated at : 400,000$

Reason for its importance: Although Batman’s first appearance dates back to Detective Comics #27, this first issue marked the beginning of a series of his own. Unlike other DC comics series, this one lasted from the beginning in 1940 until 2011 (The DC reboot). Many consider this issue to be the first real appearance of the Batman.

#4: Superman

Current market price estimated at : 600,000$

Reason for its importance: Reprint of Superman’s first appearance (Action Comics #1) in a series in his name.

#3: Amazing Fantasy

Current market price estimated at : 1,100,000$

Reason of its importance: First appearance of Spider-Man in 1962, this issue of Marvel magazine “Amazing Fantasy” (which will leave its place to The Amazing Spider-Man) places all at once: The spider bite, the death of Uncle Ben, ”A great power implies great responsibility” Everything is there.

#2: Detective Comics

Estimated market price at : 1,400,000$

Reason for its importance: First appearance of Batman in 1939, the birth of one of the world’s best known and most appreciated superheroes (forming the Batfan community) .

What else ?

#1: Action Comics

Estimated market price at : 1,600,000$

Reason for its importance: Superman’s first appearance in 1938, the mother of comic books that will bring a wave of superheroes that will last until today; Superman being known as the first superhero, his first appearance is recognized by everyone including those who know nothing about comic books. The cover of the issue will have been swiped (reproduced in other situations or with other heroes) many times.

As for the rest of the comics on this list, Action Comics #1 was not recognized in its time as the precursor of a new genre of stories or a masterpiece and therefore the rare copies available remain damaged since they were not treated with great importance at the time.