10 of the Most Expensive Pokemon Cards in the World

Launched in 1999 when the Pokémon cartoon hit US. screens with a bang, the cards in the series continue to rise in value, with some cards being priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is therefore possible to live as a Pokémon trainer. At least by collecting the cards. Their price varies depending on the timing of the sale, but also on the condition of the precious.

Mewtwo 1st edition without shadows, with brilliance and everything finally you know about the bails.

Estimated value: 1200dollar.

In real life I could have also put Tortank, but I don’t like this blue torture that stinks. While Mewtwo I like it. I could also have put the Pokemon snap cards (estimated value of 6500dollar) but as they are aside I don’t put them.

Magikarp Tamamushi University Promo Card

Estimated value: between 2000dollar and 4000dollar.

Bim, the worst Pokemon in the game has a value of fifou. Why is that? Because there are only between 30 and 100 copies of this card. And the design is ugly, which makes it so rare.

Shiny dracauliflower

Estimated value: 2800 dollar.

It was the first shiny map of the world and the whole earth. A shiny card is a card that has only the Pokemon in shine but not the rest. In fact, all Dracaufeu cost an arm, which is weird for a shitty Pokemon that I hate.

Gold Star Mentali

Estimated value: 3200dollar.

Which is the only Pokemon in this list that is not 1st generation. The trick here is that it’s not the same color as the basic Mentali, so everyone gets excited and it goes in 2000dollar.

Florizarre 1st edition glossy and shadowless

Estimated value: 5000dollar.

At the time, Florizarre had a shitty reputation because everyone wanted to sleep with Dracaufeu and Tortank. So nobody wanted that card. Today, everybody wants it. I have two of them at home and I make love to them every day.

Master Key Prize Card

Estimated value: 7000 dollar.

34 copies in the world, and the only way to catch them was to win this prize at a tournament in Japan in 2010. What do you mean you didn’t know about this tournament?

 Prerelease Raichu

Estimated value: between 8000 and 9000 dollar.

Askip there are only 10 in the world, which is very few, but it has never been confirmed. On this shiny card, there is a note “Prerelease” and was given to the employees of Wizards of the Coast, the company that makes these cards.

 Dracaufeu 1st edition Shadowless and shiny (1999) : 

Estimated value: 10.000 dollars

The value of this card is linked to an error. This version does not have a shadow around the card, an error that was later corrected. But for first impressions, the price is estimated to be around 10,000 dollars.

 Ishihara GX Promo (2017) : 

Estimated value: 43.000 dollars

This map shows Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of the Pokémon Company. It was distributed personally by the CEO to his employees and special guests during his 60th birthday party according to the website collectorscache.com. There are only 30-60 copies, but none are currently on the market, and Pokémon employees are not allowed to sell it.

 Kangourex (1998): 

Estimated value: 87,000 dollars

According to Dexerto.fr, this special card was the reward of a tournament that was taking place in Japan. To participate, a child had to be accompanied by one of his parents. There are only 11 copies of this card.

 Pikachu Trainer Trophy No. 1 (1997): 

Estimated value: 130.000 dollars

This card was offered as a reward at the World Championship in Japan in 1997. It represents a certain status for those who managed to acquire one. No one has ever tried to sell one according to TheGamer.com.

 Illustrator Pikachu: priceless

There were 39 copies, intended for the winners of the Pokémon art competitions. According to some sites, there are only 6 of them left, and in 2019, one of these cards was sold at auction for 210,000 dollars.