7 Of The Most Popular Quiz Surveys Created By Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed uses quizzes to know what’s important to their audience. BuzzFeed was known initially for online quizzes and pop culture articles but has grown to become a global media tech company that provides coverage on several topics, including animals, politics, businesses, DIY, etc. 

BuzzFeed has become so popular that they can be found on your social media feeds, like Facebook. At one time or another, you must have come across them on your feed, maybe because your friend got a mind-blowing result from one of the quizzes and decided to share, or you may have also taken part in the quizzes yourself.

Why are BuzzFeed quizzes so popular? 

In understanding the reason for their popularity, you first have to understand why it was created in the first place. Now, from a marketing standpoint, leads can be gotten easily through quizzes. These leads can be converted into paying customers. It is one smart way to amass page views and interactions if your quiz is created with a lead capture form before displaying the results. 

Most companies use this marketing strategy today. And, when these quizzes are paired up with the ability to share on social, you get a form of shareable content that attracts more than just leads, but page views for other content you post on your site as well. So, BuzzFeed quizzes are so popular because most of them based on one’s personality. And people love to talk about themselves, even better, people like to learn about themselves. 

Here are seven of the most popular quiz surveys created by BuzzFeed. The quizzes are so popular that over a million people have taken them so far. 

Can You Guess The Disney Princess If We Cover Up Her Hair And Clothes?

The goal of this quiz is to see how well you know about Disney princesses, from Moana to Ariel Cinderella to Aurora. Their faces and hair are removed to see if you can recognize them by their facial features and expressions. This quiz was created in 2020 and has been taken by millions of people across the world.

Answer These 12 Questions And We’ll Tell You Your “Smart Type”

Are you people smart or money smart? By answering these twelve quiz questions, BuzzFeed will reveal which type of smart you are.  In this quiz, you’ll find questions like, “How do you think most people would describe you?” and “When you meet someone new, what are you most focused on?” Each question attempts to reveal the type of personality that you have.

We Know The Name Of Your Next Lover Based On The Food You Order From McDonald’s

The largest restaurant chain in the world, McDonald’s, is best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries. They also feature chicken products, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts. In this quiz, BuzzFeed tries to guess the name of your next lover by the response you give based on the food you would order from McDonald’s.

Put Together An Outfit For A Date With Harry Styles And We’ll Tell You What He Thinks Of It

Harry Styles is a famous English singer, songwriter, and actor. He’s also cute with millions of fans worldwide, with the female folks making a higher percentage of that number. Who wouldn’t want a date with Harry Styles? Well, for millions of fans, this quiz is the closest they can get to having a date with Styles. Find out what he thinks of your outfit by putting together a dress for your date in this quiz.

Pretend To Be A Celeb And We’ll Reveal Who Your Celeb Best Friend Is

Yeah, at one point or another, we’ve imagined what it would be like to have the spotlight on us. Most people wish they could be a movie celeb, music celeb, sports celeb, or a celeb in any other field. Either way, it would be thrilling to have all that attention from the fans, with millions of people across the world talking about you. Even better would be the friendship we make while at the top—our fellow celeb friends. This quiz attempts to bring out the celeb in you while revealing who your celebrity best friend would be based on the answers you pick.

We Know When You’ll Get Married Based On How You’d Compete On “Four Weddings”

A lot of people have seen Four Weddings. The reality tv series seeks out soon-to-be brides and allows the couple to participate in their show and win a nice honeymoon package. Most people would love to get married, but some aren’t sure when. This Four Wedding themed quiz attempts to predict when you’ll get married based on the answers you choose in the quiz.

If This Random Knowledge Quiz Is Too Easy, You’re Too Smart

Are you smart? These random knowledge quizzes will help you answer the question. The questions in the quiz are relatively easy that anyone can attempt to answer them. Questions range from fruits to nature to actors, etc. The number of right answers you select will determine how smart you are.

There are thousands of popular quizzes on BuzzFeed, but these seven are so popular that millions of people worldwide, across different platforms, have taken the quiz and shared their results. 

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