10 of the Most Powerful Marvel Characters Ever

The Marvel universe is full of characters, each one more powerful than the next. And we’re not talking about Pokemon here… we’re talking about galactic Earth shattering characters than can change time and reality with the snap of a finger!

Whether they are mutants, augmented humans or mere mortals with extraordinary faculties, the extent of their powers is limited only by the human imagination.

In this article, we have concocted a list of the most powerful entities in the Marvel universe. If you thought the Mad Titan was the worst after seeing the MCU’s Infinity Saga.

10) Thanos

Thanos remains a powerful cosmic villain, even without the Infinite Stones and the Infinite Glove. The Mad Titan often tries to impress Death by devastating the universe. Going so far as to massacre his own offspring and his captain when he was a pirate, to the point of eliminating half of all life in the universe.

Even without equipment, Thanos increased his physical body to become stronger, faster and more versatile. His intellect surpasses that of most Marvel characters, and he is also an experienced master of hand-to-hand combat. Without the gauntlet of infinity, Thanos has defeated such characters as the Silver Surfer, Galactus, Adam Warlock, Kronos, the afterlife and many others.

9) The Celestians

The Celestial Ones can be defeated by themselves, but when they are together they are almost invincible. Former extraterrestrial beings, the Celestial Ones are responsible for a large part of the superheroes on Earth. They made the X gene and even allowed humans to transform themselves thanks to gamma radiation. 

Their armour is controlled by thought, and their very biology is designed as a massive offensive and defensive mechanism. The Celestians are strong enough to exploit the Gems of Infinity, destroy the planets, and are most dangerous when they go “mad”. Lighter than air, 2,000 feet tall, capable of creating pocket universes, regenerating after any injury, these entities have been around since the beginning, and remain a terrifying opponent for any super-powerful enemy.

8) Phoenix Force

Born from the void between the states of existence, the Phoenix Force is a child of the universe. It is the link of all the psionic energy that exists, has existed and will always exist in all the realities of the Omniverse, the Guardian of Creation, and a de facto guardian of the Crystal of M’kraan. The Phoenix is one of the most feared beings in the entire universe. It has the power to cut off and repel any part of the universe, as well as to destroy it entirely, which is part of the Phoenix’ goal: (The judgment of the Phoenix): to burn what does not work. Recent interventions by the Phoenix suggest that “what doesn’t work” is what has become stagnant instead of evolving naturally.

The immortal entity can bend space-time by using its powers to create black holes. The Phoenix Force is probably the most powerful entity in the entire Wonderful Universe. Its potentials often still depend on its host. So far, the telepathic mutant Jean Grey has proved to be the ideal partner. If the Phoenix Force did not depend on a host, it could easily be the first on this list.

7) Master Order / Lord Chaos

These two elements are the embodiments of Chaos and Order. They were both created at the birth of the universe. They allowed Peter Parker to become Spider-Man so that he could fight Thanos in the scenario of the Gauntlet of Infinity. These characters have played an essential role in many multi-faceted events. They created the In-between to maintain the balance between chaos and order, participating in the Galactus trial. They even teamed up and killed the Court of the Living.

When separated, they possess almost infinite cosmic power. When they are together, they are able to defeat one of the most powerful entities in the entire Wonderful Universe. Their only weakness? They cannot exist without each other.

6) Eternity / Infinity / Abraxas

Infinity and Eternity are brothers and sisters. Omnipotent, they have existed since the birth of the Marvel Universe itself and are rivaled only by the Living Tribunal. Abraxas is said to have been born after the division of the universe into multiverse. Eternity used securities to prevent Abraxas, the essence of destruction, from existing.

Abraxas escaped and unleashed terror across the galaxy when Galactus was killed. He even went so far as to kill different versions of Galactus in separate universes. The three characters have unlimited power, capable of changing space-time, manipulating matter and harnessing endless cosmic energy.

5) The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal was an extremely powerful humanoid cosmic entity that has existed for as long as the universe itself. It can act to prevent one universe from accumulating more power than the others, or from disturbing the cosmic balance in some way. It can also act to prevent a crushing imbalance of good or evil within a universe. Where a case concerns only one universe, the Tribunal may leave the final judgment to the “abstract” entities of that universe (in the universe of Earth-616, Lord Chaos and Master Order). The Living Tribunal has no alternative equivalent, as there is only one Living Tribunal in the Multiverse. However, it exists or can exist simultaneously in multiple planes of reality, giving the appearance of multiple variations to human perception.

The Living Tribunal has appeared as a giant golden humanoid (using an M-Body, created in the Manifestations Dimension), with three masked faces, each representing a different personality. It has an empty space where a fourth face could be exposed. The Tribunal of the Living has suggested that the fourth face has become the Enigmatic Stranger. The three faces made up the head of the Tribunal. They were: Fairness, Necessity and Vengeance. They represented the trinity of the aspects of each universe. For example, in the main universe, they were represented by Galactus (Equity), Eternity (Necessity) and Death (Vengeance).

The Living Tribunal was the embodiment of the multiverse. It is considered an omnipotent entity, being more powerful than Eternity and Infinity. Its power is such that it can annul the power of the Gems of the Infinite in unison.

4) The Beyonder

Member of an ancient race known as Beyonders. He was propelled to Earth by the Intel group of super-villain geniuses using a beam of tachyons to attract a vibranium meteorite.

In all its versions, the Beyonders has the general ability to manipulate reality. The original Beyonder was considered the most powerful being of the Multiverse, having a power beyond Cosmic Entities, such as the Living Tribunal and Eternity, being surpassed only by the One Above. He was capable of causing large-scale multiverse destruction, and took over the whole earth with a single thought. His cognitive capacity is such that he can assimilate the knowledge of the whole multiverse.

3) Death

Like Eternity, the Lord Chaos, the Master Order and Infinite, Death is an abstract entity embodying the concept of mortality and extinction, insofar as its opposite, Eternity, embodies life. Death and Eternity even consider themselves as brothers and sisters, having been born at the moment of the formation of the universe.

At the time Death manifested itself on the physical plane, it often takes the form of a skeletal woman; however, the body that Death chooses to manifest can take on any shape or size.

Death’s motives and modus operandi are difficult to understand. It functions in a kind of partnership with Galactus, a being who survived the destruction of the previous universe, and also provides some power to the gods of death like Hela and demons like Mephisto, who are allowed to rule in its name over extra-dimensional realms inhabited by the souls of the dead.

Death is also the lover of Thanos, who persuades him to begin his quest for the Stones of Infinity to annihilate half of the universe.

2) The one above all

The only entity superior to the Living Tribunal in the cosmic hierarchy, the One Above All is considered the God of the Wonderful Multiverse. He created all life in the multiverse. The One Above All is omnipotent in all senses and capable of rendering the matter of the universe in the manner He deems necessary.

It is the only entity that resides above all others and has even suppressed the power of the Glove of the Infinite for some time. Until the Tribunal of the Living was killed by the Master of the Order and the Lord of Chaos. The One Above All had already manifested himself in physical form, taking the appearance of a homeless man to counsel a grieving Peter Parker.

1) Protected

Protégé declares to be the most powerful cosmic character in the Wonderful Universe by his potential alone. Appearing for the first time in Guardians of the Galaxy #15, he is an entity with the features of a little boy who possesses the ability to imitate any other existing entity… Even The One Above and the Living Tribunal! In other words, no one in the Marvel universe can compete with it.

Besides, the Living Tribunal has not been able to defeat Protégé, who simply declares himself to be the new One-at-All. The Living Tribunal finally absorbed Protégé to prevent further destruction. In spite of this, Eternity declared that with time, Protégé would no longer need to imitate others and would gain the omnipotence of the One above all. The Living Tribunal has declared in the past that all realities rest on Protégé’s shoulders.

As a spoiled child, the Protege was raised in the belief that he is a god. He refuses to accept that anyone is more powerful than him. He is obstinate when any disobedience makes him angry because he expects his orders to be carried out immediately. He befriended the Skrull Replica, although he always treated her as a servant, and was deeply hurt when she ran away, although he refused to have her killed or hunted.

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