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Have you ever thought about what inspires us to seek out new places? At, I dive into the mysteries behind our longing for adventure and discovery. This blog is a top spot for those wanting to explore amazing places worldwide. is more than just travel stories; it’s a vibrant community. Personal stories and stunning photos take you from Tokyo’s busy streets to the quiet Swiss Alps. It’s a perfect place online for finding peace, learning, and connecting with our planet.

Here, you can see photo essays on Mongolian nomads or learn about Montreal’s indie music. The website is full of varied and rich content that awakens your inner explorer. It encourages us all, whether new or seasoned travelers, to discover more and expand our view of the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore new places through vivid photography and personal travel narratives.
  • Join a vibrant travel-loving community focused on global discovery.
  • Benefit from captivating content that ranges from photo essays to in-depth guides.
  • Stoke your wanderlust with experiences that encourage you to chart new territories.
  • Immerse yourself in a sanctuary for relaxation, discovery, and self-enlightenment.

Introduction to

Welcome to, your top travel blog for wanderlust and tips about amazing places worldwide. It started in 2015 by Simon and Susan. They aimed to create a space for sharing backpacking tales and deep travel experiences.

History and Founders

Simon and Susan, inspired by their travels, started They explored 50 countries, then shared their stories through this blog. Their true stories and love for adventure made well-known. It now has over 200,000 monthly readers.

Key Features stands out for several reasons:

  • Global Destinations: It covers a wide range of places with detailed tips.
  • Personal Travel Anecdotes: Simon and Susan share stories from their travels.
  • Insider Tips: You can find great advice for better travel experiences.
  • Sustainable Practices: The blog teaches about traveling respectfully and sustainably.

Simon and Susan work hard to offer valuable and authentic travel content. Their effort makes a go-to site for travelers everywhere.

Top Travel Destinations Covered

At, I take readers on an immersive journey through some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Experience the wonder of iconic landmarks. Discover the charm of unknown places. The travel experiences offered are both broad and deep.

Travel destinations covered

Renowned Sights

The Eiffel Tower is a top sight, drawing millions. Its beauty is timeless. Similarly, the Great Wall of China showcases vast history and culture.

Each guide offers detailed insights, beautiful pictures, and tips. This makes your immersive journey informative and memorable.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Recommendations

I love finding the world’s secret spots. This hidden gems blog reveals places like Hallstatt in Austria and Gimmelwald in Switzerland. These places guarantee unique adventures away from the crowds.

  • Eiffel Tower, Paris
  • Great Wall of China
  • Colosseum, Rome
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Statue of Liberty, New York
Destination Description Travel Tips
Eiffel Tower An iconic landmark of France, offering unparalleled views of Paris. Visit early morning to avoid crowds.
Great Wall of China Historical structure offering a glimpse into China’s past. Wear comfortable shoes for extensive walking.
Hallstatt, Austria A hidden gem known for its picturesque settings and serene ambiance. Explore by foot to fully immerse in its local charm.
Gimmelwald, Switzerland Secluded mountain village offering an escape from urban life. Ideal for hiking and experiencing Swiss nature.

Engaging Storytelling and Content

At, our blog thrives on engaging storytelling. We use an engaging visual format to keep you hooked. Our content ranges from photo essays and travel tales to interactive content. This mix ensures a deep connection with our audience.

Photo Essays and Travel Stories

Our blog is known for its stunning photo essays. They showcase life in exotic and remote places. These images make destinations feel alive and immersive. Alongside, our travel stories offer handy travel tips and tricks. They are both useful and inspiring to readers.

Interviews and Quizzes

We believe in capturing the essence of places through interviews with locals. These talks reveal unique perspectives and cultural details. They make readers’ understanding richer. Plus, our fun quizzes let readers tailor their travel experiences. This helps strengthen their bond with the content.

Insider Travel Tips and Practical Advice

I’ve learned a lot from traveling the world. isn’t just for great stories. It helps make your trips smoother, cheaper, and more meaningful.

Money-Saving Strategies

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Plan ahead and travel on a budget. Book flights early, compare fares, and stay with locals. These tips save money and support responsible tourism.

Traveling off-peak also reduces costs and crowds.

Avoiding Crowds

Big crowds can ruin a trip. Visit popular spots early or late. This way, you dodge most tourists.

Try off-the-beaten-path places for unique experiences. It’s better for busy spots and follows responsible tourism.

local customs

Local Insights

Knowing local customs enriches your trip. Read up and talk to locals for a deeper understanding. It’s respectful and creates real connections.

Following responsible tourism helps leave a good impression and promotes cultural harmony.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

Traveling sustainably is key to protecting the beauty and culture of destinations. supports mindful tourism. It values our planet and its diverse cultures.

sustainable travel practices

Eco-Friendly Tips

Using eco-friendly practices when you travel helps the earth. Doing simple things like using reusable bottles and avoiding single-use plastics help. Choosing public transport and eco-conscious accommodations are good too.

Supporting local eco-friendly businesses matches sustainable travel goals. These actions make a big difference for the environment.

Cultural Sensitivity

It’s important to respect local customs. This creates rewarding experiences. It also shows respect to local communities.

Understanding local norms and learning some of the language are good. This respect enriches your trip and honors the culture.

“Traveling— it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

When we travel sustainably and respect cultures, we help preserve places. This ensures their charm remains for future generations.

Community Engagement and Interaction focuses on bringing its users together. Through blogs, forums, and social media, travelers can connect deeply. These interactions make the travel experience more meaningful for everyone.

active travel community

Forums and Social Media

Members share stories, advice, and reviews on various forums. uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This helps users stay connected and share their experiences widely.

The site’s social media presence boosts the community’s collective story. It adds value to your travel experiences, making them richer.

User-Generated Content

User contributions are key at Travelers add their own stories and advice. This makes the platform strong and welcoming.

This approach brings real, diverse perspectives. It makes a valuable resource for travel enthusiasts.

Feature Benefit
Interactive Travel Forum Promotes rich exchange of advice and experiences
User-Generated Content Increases authenticity and diversity of information
Social Media Integration Enhances connectivity and real-time updates Blog Practical Use

I plan my trips in detail and is key. It’s more than just a site. It’s an essential travel tool for ease and customization.

Creating an Account

Setting up an account on is easy. Your personalized profile brings you tailored travel content. This means your travel ideas match what you love, making each journey unique.

Setting Up Alerts

The site lets you set alerts for new updates. So, you’re always in the loop with travel tips and destination news. It’s great for keeping track of places you want to visit.

Offline Access

Being able to access info offline is a big plus. Even without the internet, I have everything I need. Downloadable guides and maps are always with you, making travel a breeze.

Thanks to its features, goes beyond being a regular blog. It’s a valuable tool for any traveler today.


Reflecting on my journey at, I see more than just travel tips. This site is a haven for true travel lovers. It connects different cultures and personal tales. The blog shows how travel changes us and helps us grow. offers rich travel stories and guides. It’s perfect for those ready to explore the world. With its vibrant community, the blog shares the joy of finding new places. Advice, beautiful photos, and moving stories make the content special for all travellers.

To wrap it up, the blog at myfavouriteplaces org is about the beauty of exploring the globe. It brings people together and provides tools for a rewarding journey. It focuses on the journeys, relationships, and the discoveries waiting for us. This makes it a key player in online travel info.