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Ever found a travel blog that fuels your love for exploration and offers real, thorough looks at unseen places? Welcome to, a travel inspiration site. It calls you to discover both the world’s treasures and its less known spots. Started by travel enthusiasts Simon and Susan in 2015, this blog now attracts over 200,000 visitors every month. It’s known for true stories, detailed guides, and promoting sustainable and responsible travel. isn’t just any travel blog. It’s a gathering spot for adventure seekers and those craving meaningful journeys.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2015 by globetrotting couple Simon and Susan, offers deep immersion into the world’s wonders.
  • The blog is recognized for its authentic recommendations and storytelling.
  • Over 200,000 monthly visitors trust for travel insights.
  • The platform promotes sustainable and responsible travel.
  • has an engaged social media presence and a rich travel community.

Introduction to My Favourite Places

Simon and Susan have built one of the top travel blogs My Favourite Places. They share their experiences from over 50 countries. This includes both famous spots and hidden gems.

A Quick Background on My Favourite Places

Simon and Susan started this blog after backpacking around the world. It blends their adventures into compelling stories. It appeals to everyone from globe-trotters to those who love learning about cultures.

Key Features and Benefits of My Favourite Places

This wanderlust blog shines with its community-focused feel. It’s not just about stories; it’s a place for sharing tips and experiences. It’s what makes it unique among travel sites.

With its lively storytelling and diverse destinations, My Favourite Places is crucial for travelers. It helps whether you’re planning a usual trip or seeking something new. You’ll find both inspiration and practical advice here.

Feature Benefit
Engaging storytelling Helps immerse readers in the travel experiences.
Destination variety Covers both popular and unconventional places.
Community-driven Encourages travel enthusiasts to share their insights.

Why You Should Choose Blog

Choosing means you get real, diverse travel content. We have top travel bloggers from over 15 countries. They bring unique stories and tips.

You’re invited to discover true travel experiences. These go deeper than the usual travel tales.

travel tips and ideas

Real Travel Stories and Insider Tips is known for its real travel stories. These come from passionate travelers. They’re not simple blogs but stories with valuable advice.

Our contributors are top bloggers with various backgrounds. They share insider tips to improve your travel. This helps you find hidden spots in each destination.

Diverse Perspectives and Rich Content is strong because of its diversity. It’s curated by a varied group of writers. You get rich perspectives from real experiences, not algorithms.

Looking for the best travel tips or cultural depth? Our blog has a wide range of topics. It’s aimed at enriching your travel journey.

Attributes Average Travel Blog
Type of Content Real Travel Experiences, Insider Tips General Travel Information
Contributors Top Travel Bloggers from 15+ Countries Limited to a Few Writers
Diversity High – Varied Perspectives and Insights Moderate – Standard Content
Community Engagement Vibrant and Interactive Basic

Popular Destinations and Hidden Gems is your go-to for amazing spots to see. You can see famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. There, you’ll see buildings that have shaped our history. You can also discover the beauty of Africa’s safaris.

In Aberdeen’s Orkney Islands, find peace and quiet. Cappadocia offers serene landscapes that are like no other. mixes famous and quiet places to spark your love for travel. It invites you to explore enchanting travel destinations all over the world.

The blog shows the beauty and diversity of our planet. It takes you from vibrant cities full of culture to hidden spots where you can relax. Here, nature’s beauty will calm your mind.

enchanting travel destinations

“I always say, it’s not just about visiting. It’s about understanding and feeling the true spirit of each place,” I remind myself. This idea is what guides

How to Use My Favourite Places for Travel Planning

Planning your next trip is easy with My Favourite Places. It’s full of travel planning resources, detailed guides, and interactive tools. Let me show you how to use this platform to make your ultimate travel guide.

Accessing Comprehensive Destination Guides

Our destination guides are packed with information you need before you travel. They include key details like local attractions, hidden spots, and useful tips. This makes them an essential travel planning resource for any traveler.

You’ll discover a mix of historical and modern-day attractions in each guide. They provide a complete view of every location.

Tools for Itinerary Planning

Our itinerary planning tool is a big hit. It lets you easily customize your trips. Just enter where you want to go, and it creates a detailed plan for you. This plan includes recommended activities and places to stay.

ultimate travel guide

Engaging with the Community

My Favourite Places isn’t just about guides and tools. It also has a forum where over 60,000 travelers and experts exchange tips and itinerary planning advice. Being part of this community adds depth to your travel planning.

You’ll get tips and advice that go beyond standard travel guides. Here’s how you can join in:

  • Participate in discussions to get expert travel advice.
  • Share your experiences and help others plan better trips.
  • Access exclusive travel deals posted by community members.
Feature Description
Destination Guides In-depth guides with all the travel info you need.
Itinerary Planning Tool Customizable planner for an optimized travel schedule.
Community Forum A place to share and get valuable travel tips.

Conclusion stands out as a powerful travel blog. It offers travel experiences that are deep and meaningful. This site encourages you to explore places more fully. You get to understand places better thanks to their detailed insights and real stories.

I discovered that is more than a regular travel guide. It’s a worldwide community that connects cultures. It also cares about protecting our planet. Plus, it helps travelers meet and share stories.

The knowledge on makes each trip unforgettable. This blog changed how I see travel. It shows how traveling responsibly benefits both the visitor and the place visited. The community here is amazing, offering tips and stories that make traveling better.

Being part of is like joining a story that values different cultures and looks after the environment. I love exploring new places, and this platform always finds unique and real travel experiences. It’s about the places, yes, but also about the stories we share and respecting our world. That’s what makes truly special.