Peter Griffin Quotes, Facts and Why He’s Better than Homer Simpson

People either love or hate the hit animated sitcom Family Guy. Fans rave about the twisted humor. Critics rant about the show for the same reason, but take it a step further by comparing it to The Simpsons.

They think Peter Griffin is the same as Homer Simpson. He’s not. Peter is infinitely better.

Here’s why.

1. Peter Doesn’t Work At A Nuclear Power Plant

He’s much more environmentally conscious than Homer. Sure, Peter succeeds in doing major damage, but there’s no risk of a nuclear meltdown in every episode.

2. Peter Griffin Gets With The Times

Whatever celebrity or news event that makes headlines somehow finds its way into the Family Guy universe. Issues are dealt with in hilarious irreverence. As for the Simpsons…when was the last time you heard anyone utter, “Don’t have a cow, man?”

3. Peter Is Smarter Than Homer

At first glance, Peter is an absolute idiot. He gets into crazy accidents and is swept away with ridiculous whims. However, he has moments of lucidity, where he waxes philosophically about the human condition. Where does this sudden, savvy insight come from? Is it Peter’s subconsciousness or repressed personality? Who knows, but one thing’s certain. Homer never has those moments.

4. Peter Knows Pop Culture

If you were around in the 80s, you can relive some portion of that decade every time you watch Peter. He sings power ballads, references Transformers, and is obsessed with Patrick Swayze. Meanwhile, Homer seems to be stuck in some strange limbo between 1989 and 1990. 

5. No Silly Catch Phrases

“D’oh!” You rolled your eyes, didn’t you? Unlike Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin always has fresh material in each episode.

6. Peter’s Baby Is A Genius

The youngest Griffin, Stewie, is actually a mad genius. The kid makes time machines in his bedroom. You’d think after twenty years, Homer’s baby Maggie would stop sucking her pacifier.

7. The Neighbors

Peter shares his neighborhood with a sex addict and a dirty old man. ‘Nuff said.

8. Diverse Friends

Peter’s besties include the aformentioned sex addict, a quadriplegic police officer, and an African American everyman named Cleveland. 

9. Edginess Year-Round

In Quahog, twisted humor happens all the time, not just around holidays. Take that, Simpsons Halloween Special.

10. That “Roadhouse!” Episode

Homer never did a drop kick like that.


If you want a funny man for the times, Peter’s your family guy.

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