List of the Richest Dogs on Instagram – See How Much They Earn

As they say “Dogs are a man’s best friend” — but they can also be quite profitable as well!

While most people are likely spending thousands of dollars on their pets through endless dog food, toys and vet visits, some of the world’s most popular dogs on social media are making big bucks with every social update and photo they take. And in addition to social media, some dogs even blog as well!

With billions of people already being active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms… I think it’s time we put more of a spot light on everyone’s favorite four-legged friends.

And while this might seem like a crazy topic, dogs and pets are often a huge discussion when it comes to social media user engagement. You can see how they’ve been covered in other articles like the most popular animals on social media and by also viewing accounts for the most influential dogs on social media as well… And with so many articles out there, it’s now time to add the world’s richest dogs into the mix as well.

All of this and more, as you continue to read through our latest social media influencer post below!

Thanks to the latest report being released from, we can see a list of the richest pooches on Instagram, while also getting a good idea on just how much money they are earning per post and annually!

2021’s Dog Instagram Rich List

Below you will find a list of the most active and highest-earning pups on Instagram. Each one of them is linked below, so you can start following them on IG as well.

  1. Loki – 2m followers £4,800 per post = £268,800/year
  2. Manny – 1m followers £2,250 = £141,760/year
  3. Puggy Smalls – 201k followers £910 per post = £68,250/year
  4. Harlow and Sage – 1.7m followers £3,700 per post = £37,000/year 
  5. Jiffpom – 10.2m followers £24,600 per post = £24,600/year
  6. Pavlov and Maslow – 146k followers £375 per post = £14,250/year
  7. Cruesoe – 824k followers £1,900 per post = £11,400/year
  8. Tuna – 2.1m followers £5,000 per post = £10,000/year
  9. Doug the pug – 3.9m followers £9,100 per post = £9,100/year
  10. Kingsley – 183k followers £420 per post = £10,080/year
  11. Bodhi – 400k followers £1,200 per post = £8,400/year
  12. Reagan Doodle – 501k followers £1,200 per post = £6,000/year
  13. Maya – 2m followers £4,700 per post = £4,700/year
  14. Turboroo – 307k followers £770 per post = £4,620/year
  15. Aspen – 274k followers £600 per post = £3,000/year

Now that you’ve had a chance to discover some of the most popular pets on social media, you might want to consider setting up your pup on IG as well. If that’s the case, we’re going to help you get started in that process as well.

How to Get Your Puppy Dog Famous on Social Media

So, you want to try and get your pet famous on social media? It’s not a bad idea, and you will likely find much better success with a pet, than trying to brand yourself or a company. After all, who doesn’t love a cute adorable dog to continually pop up on their IG feed.

As with most things on social media, it’s all about user engagement and making sure you are using the highest-quality photos as possible. With more devices and computers showing images in full 4k, you will want to make sure your photos are visually pleasing, while also not having any blurriness. So before getting started, make sure you have a nice selection of content to start working with.

Once the basics are in place, you can then start focusing on the following:

  1. Create an Instagram with a great username for your pet
  2. Use trending and relevant hashtags to attract more audiences
  3. Follow other influential pets on social media and they might follow back
  4. Leave comments on other user posts and content to increase engagement
  5. Ask for comments in each of your new posts, and you will get more
  6. Consider your options with starting a blog or a YouTube channel as well
  7. Once your pet has a following in place, then consider your monetization options

With more than a billion users on Instagram, your pet can start getting new followers and likes on a daily basis in no time. Be sure to implement each of the recommended suggestions above during the initial launch of your IG account, and you will be much more likely to see the results you’ve been hoping for.

And finally, be sure to follow as many other pet accounts on social media as you can. This will keep you updated on all of the latest content creation methods, trends and monetization tips that are working for everyone else.

Keep up the great work, and you and your pet might make this list next year!

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