How Can I Showcase My Professional Expertise Online?

You are more than your job, and your job is about more than just you. This is why it’s important to put in the time, work and effort to make sure all your personal branding and expertise are on display for others to see.

And through the use of the internet, this is now easier than ever before!

With the ability to start a blog, get active on social media and also connect with millions of other influencers and professionals around the world in a matter of seconds, not taking advantage of these five opportunities below would be a huge mistake.

Take action today and start implementing these winning methods to improve your professional brand and personal expertise for the world to see.

1 – Start a Personal Website or Blog

Starting a personal website or blog is one of the best ways to have your own little spot on the internet, while also taking advantage of much more that just what your professional title says about you.

The benefits of having your own site are endless, and some of the most immediate positives are:

  • Looking more professional with your own site
  • Securing your personal name with a domain
  • Ability to write content on your own terms
  • Ranking in Google for multiple topics

And the number one reason for starting a blog, is simply that it’s super easy, fast and has little-to-no learning curve for getting it live.

You can see a quick example of how Karen McCleave is using her personal blog to share content that is personal to her, while also showcasing her professional expertise in the world of legal counsel.

In addition to writing for your own blog, you can also guest blog on other sites with different topics of interest as well. To see an example of this, we can take a look at another article from Karen McCleave that covers the topic of traveling the world and things to do while in New Zealand.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, doctor, or even a sales clerk… it’s always a great idea to have a site of your own that provides you with access to all of the key advantages listed above.

2 – Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Hundreds of millions of professionals are already on LinkedIn. However, the biggest problem with this business social platform is that most people sign up and add their personal information, and then never update it again.

This can result in a lot of outdated information and potential interest from other suitors.

As recommended by TheMuse, there are plenty of ways to instantly improve your LinkedIn profile in less than five minutes. These recommendations include:

  1. Make Your Profile Public
  2. Update Your Location
  3. Be Strategic About Your Endorsed Skills
  4. Create a Customized URL
  5. Add a Background
  6. Update Your Profile Picture
  7. Add (or Update) Contact Information

With LinkedIn still being a huge part of global business in the world today, it’s important to make sure it’s always representing you well. So make sure you update your profile as often as possible.

3 – Join Podcasts within Your Niche Market

Podcasting is another huge market that is growing at extraordinary rates. And with different podcasts available in pretty much every market out there, this leads to some huge opportunities for free exposure and growth.

It’s not just about finding podcasts that are of value to you for listening, but also to find ones that are looking for expert guests as well.

When contacting websites and podcast show owners, be sure to ask if they are looking to book any new guests for future shows.

This is simply one of the best ways to get your name and brand out there for free.

4 – Participate in Expert Roundups

Along with podcasts, expert roundups are a great way to showcase your personal brand and professional expertise.

A great example of this can be seen on BuiltIt, which continually highlights some of the brightest names in the world of online marketing and entrepreneurship.

And this isn’t the only example out there. In fact, thousands of new expert roundups and blog posts are going live weekly.

If you’d like to find such opportunities, simply reach out to any existing sites where such topics and content is posted, and then see if you can participate in one of their future articles.

5 – Focus on Your Google Rankings and SEO

On the internet, billions of people head to Google to find exactly what they are looking for. And unfortunately, only a few sites will actually rank on that first page of Google.

The good news is, there are ways to improve your chances for ranking higher on Google for relevant search terms — and especially for your name.

Such methods include:

  • writing original content
  • getting backlinks from other sites
  • participating in roundups and expert panels
  • sharing content and getting shares on social media

All of these methods (and more) effect when and where a site will rank in Google. And if you’d like to track when and where your site is ranking for a specific term or keyword, it’s best to use a SERP tool to help in this process.

The good news is, each of the recommended methods listed above are all ideal for improving your site’s SEO power and chances for ranking in Google. As long as you continue to improve your online content and branding efforts, you should also see improved search rankings in the process.

Excellent Ways to Improve Your Reach and Personal Brand Online

With so many different ways to grow your reach and brand online, it’s simply a matter of choosing which will work best for you. It’s also important to choose the ones that will require the least time and effort in reference to learning each process.

For example, if you wanted to create a site, it’s best to go with a WordPress site and not trying to create one from scratch. Another simple option is to use a solution like Wix, which offers a simple drag and drop editor.

No matter what you end up doing, each of the options above are legitimate and effective ways to grow your brand online, while reaching new audiences in the process.

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