Simpsons Quotes, Facts and a List of the Best Episodes Ever

With over 500 total episodes and titles of longest-running American sitcom and longest-running American series to its credit, The Simpsons has provided viewers with many classic moments over the years.

While The Simpsons will continue to captivate audiences with memorable episodes for years to come, it’s always fun to take a trip down memory lane (or more appropriately, Evergreen Terrace) and get nostalgic over some of the best episodes thus far. 

Here’s are some of our favorite The Simpsons episodes of all time. We’re sure you will remember and love many of them as well!

“Whacking Day”

With the help of Barry White and some thumping bass, Bart and Lisa wrangle all the snakes of Springfield away from the denizens, who have whacked the snakes with clubs as a town tradition for many years. Bart even gets his pending expulsion from school lifted by Principal Skinner.

Lisa the Vegetarian

Lisa converts to vegetarianism after confronting a cute little lamb at the zoo followed by lamb chops at the dinner table. Homer and Bart try to convince Lisa that “you don’t win friends with salad,” but a chat with Apu and Paul and Linda McCartney helps Lisa stick to her decision.

“Mr. Plow”

Homer and Barney become rival entrepreneurs when it’s Mr. Plow vs. the Plow King in a heated competition for customers. After tricking Barney into plowing a dangerous path, Homer eventually comes to the rescue of his friend.

“Weekend at Burnsie’s”

Homer becomes a much friendlier and more tolerable person when he is prescribed medicinal marijuana by Dr. Hibbert. Much hilarity ensues and the climax comes with Homer and Mr. Smithers stringing up an allegedly deceased Mr. Burns as a marionette. 

“The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”

Barney takes Homer’s car all over the country on a drunken road trip and leaves it parked in New York City. The Simpsons head to New York to retrieve the car at the base of the World Trade Center.

“Homer’s Enemy”

Frank Grimes, a new employee at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, can’t seem to stand Homer and becomes envious of Homer’s family life and many friends. Grimes tries to oust Homer as a buffoon in any way possible, but only ends up dying in the end.

“Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”

This flashback episode revolves around The Be Sharps, a barbershop quartet consisting of Homer, Barney, Apu and Principal Skinner. Many parodies of The Beatles are included and Homer explains to his family that the band broke up after realizing they were no longer popular.

“The Homer They Fall”

Homer, who has been known to take a beating or two, suits up in boxing trunks to fight heavyweight champion Drederick Tatum, who beats Homer into a pulp.

“Marge vs. the Monorail”

Marge goes up against a swindling monorail business man from out of town. Her discovery proves true and Homer comes to the rescue.

“Homer at the Bat”

Mr. Burns brings in ringers such as Ken Griffey Jr., Wade Boggs, and Don Mattingly to play on the company softball team. A hilarious day at the ballpark ensues, highlighted by Bart and Lisa heckling Darryl Strawberry to the point of tears.

“When Flanders Failed”

Homer wishes for Ned Flanders’ Leftorium store to fail, only to feel quite guilty when the prophecy turns true. Homer then comes to the rescue and recruits all the left-handed residents of Springfield to shop at the store.

“Flaming Moe’s”

Moe converts the drink known as the Flaming Homer into the Flaming Moe and turns the corner bar into a nightlife hot spot, much to the dismay of Homer, who exacts revenge.

“Bart the Daredevil”

Bart plans to jump Springfield Gorge on his skateboard, only to be upstaged by Homer, who makes it about halfway across before taking a nasty and hilarious spill.

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