Social Media vs. SEO: Why More Brands Prefer Social Media

Today, marketers are divided over whether search engine optimization or social networking can expand an online business.

Almost all webmasters, small business owners, and digital marketers are interested in how social media and SEO fit into the digital marketing phase.

Since their online campaigns have a low budget, they don’t know which tactic to use to increase their online visibility.

Social media has altered how we conduct business online, and web admins understandably want to know how social media impacts SEO and where they should concentrate their efforts and resources.

And it’s also help a lot of people become famous in the process!

Essentially, it would be good if you had both, as we will explain below.

Before we go too deeply into details and make sure everybody is on the same page, let’s define social media marketing and SEO quickly.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Social media marketing primarily involves the use of social media platforms to spread your brand.

It may surprise some that social networks nowadays are used for more than just social networking and chatting with friends; they are also powerful selling platforms for advertisers and businesses.

As pointed out on the Zutrix SEO blog, “Search Engine Optimization is an optimization technique used for websites, which is expected to make them more attractive to search engines.

Optimization means making changes to the website’s code, layout, content settings, and functionality to make it easier for search engines to “read” the site.

It is more likely they will achieve higher rankings the more they understand about a platform.

Search engines use a set of rules to determine which websites to display in the top spots, and SEO is all about meeting those rules.

In addition to being SEO compliant, a website that is also user-friendly is also more compelling.

However, SEO’s advantages extend far beyond rankings, and when they start to use any of the advanced SEO tools in the market today, it can quickly propel their site rankings and traffic to the next level.

The question is: which is better, SEO or Social Media?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can assure your content gets read by search engines, and social media can expose your content to more people.

The more users that see a website, the more likely they are to connect to it, post it on social media, or engage with its content.

Using social media, you can easily connect with your audience.

Social media platforms have built-in targeting features, including demographics about who visits and uses a particular social network.  The benefits of these features allow you to learn a lot about who your prospects and customers are.

Most social network users post on social media and communicate with posts. Seventy-four percent of social networking users consult their social media accounts when making purchase decisions.

 Several factors are driving this growth, including influencer reviews and the growth of social marketplaces.

SEO success takes a long time to build up enough credibility. It might take months, but it might take years to build up enough reputation to rank well for competitive keywords. 

Furthermore, the very fact that things need time to be identified and indexed by search engines.

You need to put in the work and commit, but social networking is a great way to get your name out there and reach the people you want to reach. 

Users will spread your content to the point where it triggers a mini social event, giving your brand a huge boost.

After all, the content will constantly be updated by fresh content, which will crowd it out.

You need to post regularly on social media to create an effective social media marketing strategy since social media material is temporary. 

Besides, you’ll need to be aware of the times when your key demographic turns to social media the most to make sure the content stays at the top of their feeds until nobody is paying attention.

With so many different comparisons on out there in reference to SEO vs. SEM, why not just take a quick moment to watch the short video from AHREFS?

It’s one thing to read a lot of content on a topic, and another to visually see and hear something.

Final Thoughts on Social Media and SEO

We stated at the beginning of this article that you need both. It’s not either/or, because both techniques will help a website or online business attract more viewers and, in some cases, make more sales.

The best way to succeed with any marketing strategy is to employ them all at once. Your company employs social media marketing to drive traffic to your website and new advertisers, as well as SEO to help it rank higher in search engines.

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