TikTok vs YouTube: Video Marketing Stats You Should Know

If you’re even quite active in social media, you already need to know the popular fight YouTube against TikTok.

What was YouTube vs TikTok drama? Some TikTokers seriously took a roast video and threatened the YouTube community.

You know that, whether you live under a rock, TikTok is one of the world’s most rising social networking sites. And its even gaining more attention than Instagram as of lately.

That rapid development meant many things about the evolving media world, but it also meant crucial changes to TikTok.

You are the first creator to raise your YouTube or Tiktok subscriber or an accomplished video marketer who wants to improve the video views for your brand on YouTube, and the first step in mastering this site is to raise your figures.

1.   73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube

There is more than Facebook (69% of U.S. adults). And almost double the nearest runner-up, Instagram (37 per cent).

Pew Research indicates that YouTube is America’s most popular online platform.

2.   74.1% of U.S. TikTok Users Are Age 25 or Older

Modern platforms, such as food, beauty & design, DIY & art, and comedy, have erupted in the network.

Also, celebrities have begun to become active users of the TikTok network, with stars such as Kevin Hart, Britney Spears, Will Smith, and Lizzo.

Without a dispute, it has made the site expand, with users registering to see the latest updates from their favorites celebrities.

The former, however, allowed various content makers to move between a previous platform (Vine, YouTube, and Instagram) and TikTok.

3. TikTok Has Been Downloaded Over 2 Billion Times Worldwide

As per Statista, about 3.5 trillion smartphones are available worldwide.

Although a download doesn’t mean an active customer (this figure is nearer to 800 million), this impressive number also means that more than half of Android users have tested the program.

4.   93% of video watchers in India are watching YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest market, India, witnessed steady double-digit growth last year.

Evaluate that to the market share of Netflix in India, 3% of people view content online.

5.   90% of TikTok’s Users Use the App Daily, Compared to 63% of Instagram’s

Goal # 1 is expanding your customer base for every app (or any company in general). The purchase is just part of the fight, though.

A minimum of 25% of applications are downloaded, once opened, and never seen again. Retention and dedication are evidence that your User really loves what you have created.

It is not a game figure either. There are no extra rewards for consumers to open the app every day while also being part of their everyday life.

6.   Only 33% of popular YouTube videos are in English

During the first week of 2019, Pew Research found that just 33 per cent of the uploaded videos were in English, and only 17 per cent were entirely in English, focusing at events on popular channels (i.e., channels with more than 250,000 subscriptions).

7.   Each visitor spends 11m 24s per day on YouTube, on average

This was in late 2019, according to Alexa. And the year before (2018) is eight minutes and 41 seconds.

8.   Each visit to YouTube involves 6.5 page views, on average

Actually, people are letting the computer determine what they are going to watch. The most page views also show that the public is more involved as users press to discover new platforms and videos.

9.   As of April 2020, TikTok is the Second Most Downloaded App

It is impressive that TikTok is ahead of the total collection of Facebook assets (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp), the whole suite of Google Applications (Hangouts Meet, YouTube, Google Classroom, etc.), and the giants of entertainment such as Netflix.

ZOOM was the only app instead of TikTok. Many staff was “compelled” to download to retain contact in the office via new remote deals.

This means that when users opt to use an application for their own private use and amusement in the COVID-19 lockout, they choose TikTok more than any other software in the world.

10.   Over 70% of YouTube views are on a mobile

Since late 2018, this figure has been stable. Either that didn’t improve, or the nice people on YouTube opted not to update us. (said that, the # 1 iOS app was again on YouTube in 2019.)

YouTube vs. TikTok: Which Do You Like Best?

No matter what video social sharing platform you like best, there is always going to an endless supply of content for you to watch and stream forever.

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