Top 5 Celebrities on Instagram that a Worth a Follow in 2021

As the world of being a celebrity changed, so have the worlds of idolizing and admiring them. It always seemed like they were only seen on TV or in magazines, usually polished and perfect.

Instagram is a massive platform with over 1 billion users monthly and is hugely popular all across the globe.

Many people are making a living there these days, or at least acquiring some free stuff, with the rise of influencers.  Instagram is a social media platform used by marketers to engage audiences.

Influencer marketing platforms also rely heavily on this social network, as there are many influencers in several niches and more emerging every day. And something many of these influencers have in common, is that they are adding hundreds of new followers daily through the use of social media content, hashtags and more.

Most marketers and brands have worked with an influencer or plan to work with one at some point. Smaller influencers with a greater degree of authenticity and affordability are popular with most brands.

5 Celebrities Who are Great on Instagram

Social media advertising and sponsored content are common ways for celebrities and athletes to earn additional income.

Celebrities like these are great at creating Instagram Stories, creating social media-friendly content, and creating funny brand voices.

Here is a list of the top-earning celebrities on Instagram that you can collaborate with to reach millions of people.

1. The Arkells

In the days before lockdowns began last year, every musician posted live videos on Instagram, but there was one band that stood out.

The Arkells uploaded their live streams to IGTV so past episodes could be viewed again.

Instagram Live can be used for much more than promoting your brand’s content.

It can be used to teach people something valuable, allow them to ask questions about your brand or products, or surprise and delight somebody. This feature can be used to invite both guests and fans.

2. Jennifer Lopez

The way Jennifer Lopez uses Instagram’s features to the fullest, especially Stories, IGTV, and hashtags, shows that she is well versed with the platform.

The captions of her promotional posts are short and snappy even though she tags sponsors and photographers well and provides eye-catching content. Her hashtags are generally enclosed in camel case, which is impressive.

Screen readers can read each capitalized word in a hashtag separately with a camel case, crucial for accessibility. You will learn to use a camel case when writing hashtags and add subtitles to all videos by following her.

3. Taylor Swift

Swift has created Instagram story filters, one of the more noteworthy things she has done with Instagram.

Many artists put a great deal of effort into designing specific looks for their albums and music videos, and fans have recreated Swift’s look for themselves. 

Create a virtual AR experience with your filters through this channel, so your customers can try your products virtually.

4. John Mayer

When used as a strategy, humor can be tricky. Especially for brands that are well known for their humorous social media posts, it works well.

Among celebrities who do this well is John Mayer. While he still posts music promotions, tour stop acknowledgments, and magazine shoots, he balances it out with posts.

Use humor within your brand voice sparingly if you want to avoid overdoing it. If you balance humorous and toned-down posts, posts will feel more natural and less like a schtick.

5. Leo Messi

There’s no need to introduce Lionel Messi as a famous Argentine footballer. There is no doubt that he is one of the most popular football players of all time.

Catalonia’s in addition to playing for Argentina’s national team. There have been several brands he’s endorsed, including sports and fitness brands. A large following on social media and his popularity have led to collaboration opportunities.

Where to Follow Even More Social Media Influencers

In addition to having huge followings and being recognized internationally, these Instagrammers are some of the highest-earning Instagrammers.

You can reach millions of people with a single Instagram post if you work with these Instagrammers. So, if you want to reach the most people you can, you need to work with these organizations.

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