Current Time in Manchester, UK | Quick Update

The current time in Manchester, UK is 3:19:52 am GMT. Manchester is located in the United Kingdom, specifically in England. The city’s latitude is 53°29’N and longitude is 2°15’W. The local currency is Pound Sterling (GBP), and the official language is English.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manchester is located in the United Kingdom, in England.
  • The current time in Manchester is 3:19:52 am GMT.
  • Manchester follows GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  • The city operates daylight saving time changes.
  • Manchester is known for its rich history and vibrant culture.

Manchester Time Zone

When it comes to the time zone in Manchester, UK, the city operates on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) without any UTC/GMT offset. This means that the local time in Manchester is the same as GMT. However, it is important to note that Manchester follows daylight saving time changes, just like the rest of the UK.

On March 26, the clock in Manchester moves forward 1 hour as daylight saving time begins. This allows for longer daylight hours in the evening. Then, on October 29, the clock moves back 1 hour as daylight saving time ends. This adjustment helps to optimize daylight during the colder months and aligns with the changing seasons.

These daylight saving time changes ensure that Manchester residents can make the most of sunlight and maximize energy efficiency. It’s worth remembering these adjustments in March and October to stay in sync with the local time in Manchester for any travel plans or important events.

Date Event
March 26 Daylight Saving Time Begins – Clock moves forward 1 hour
October 29 Daylight Saving Time Ends – Clock moves back 1 hour

Current Local Time in Manchester

As of the quick update, the current local time in Manchester, UK is 3:19:52 am GMT. This time may change due to daylight saving time adjustments, so it’s always a good idea to double-check for any changes during those periods.

current time in Manchester

Stay informed about the exact time in Manchester to ensure you are punctual and manage your schedule effectively.

Manchester Weather

The weather in Manchester is currently 46°F and mostly cloudy. The forecast for the coming days shows temperatures ranging from 51-53°F, with some variations in cloud cover.

It’s always recommended to check a reliable weather source for the most up-to-date information.

Time Difference from New York

If you’re wondering about the time difference between Manchester, UK and New York, you’ll be interested to know that Manchester is actually 5 hours ahead of New York. This means that when it’s 8:00 pm in New York, it’s already 1:00 am of the following day in Manchester. So, if you have friends or family in both cities, be mindful of the time gap when planning calls or virtual meetings.

This time difference can affect various aspects of daily life, including business communications, scheduling appointments, or even staying in touch with loved ones. Whether it’s coordinating international meetings or simply checking the current time in Manchester while you’re in New York, being aware of the time difference is essential for efficient time management.

To help you visualize the time gap, here’s a simple illustration:

New York Time Manchester Time
8:00 pm 1:00 am (of the following day)

It’s important to keep in mind that this time difference is subject to daylight saving time changes, which may slightly alter the gap between the two cities. However, for most of the year, Manchester will be consistently 5 hours ahead of New York.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the time difference between Manchester and New York, you can plan your interactions and activities accordingly, ensuring smooth communication and efficient use of time.

Time Difference between Manchester and New York

It’s important to note that these sunrise and sunset times may vary slightly throughout the year. They are influenced by factors such as the Earth’s tilt, the time of year, and geographic location. Additionally, changes in daylight savings time can also affect these timings.

Date Sunrise Time Sunset Time
January 1 8:17 am 4:23 pm
February 1 7:27 am 5:06 pm
March 1 6:37 am 5:47 pm
April 1 5:58 am 7:37 pm
May 1 5:19 am 8:33 pm

These times serve as a general guide and can be a great way to plan outdoor activities or capture stunning photographs. Whether you’re an early riser who wants to enjoy the peacefulness of a sunrise or a sunset enthusiast who loves to witness the sky’s colorful transformation, Manchester offers breathtaking moments for everyone.

Moon Phase in Manchester

In Manchester, the current moon phase is the First Quarter, which occurred on December 19, 2023, at 6:39 pm. The next full moon will be on December 27, 2023, at 12:33 am.

moon phase in Manchester

Plan ahead and make the most of your time in Manchester during these upcoming holidays.

Airports near Manchester

If you’re planning a trip to Manchester, it’s essential to know about the airports in the vicinity. Whether you’re flying into or out of the city, there are several options to consider. The main airport serving Manchester is Manchester Airport (MAN), which is conveniently located just 9 miles south of Manchester city center.

But there are also other airports in the area that you can consider. One of these is Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL), which is situated approximately 27 miles west-southwest of Manchester. This airport offers additional flight options and can be a convenient choice for travelers.

Another nearby airport is Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA), which is located about 36 miles northeast of Manchester. This airport is a viable alternative, especially if you’re looking to explore other parts of Yorkshire or have specific travel plans in that region.

When planning your trip, consider these airports and their proximity to Manchester to make the best choice for your travel needs.

For more information, refer to the table below:

Airport Distance from Manchester Approximate Direction
Manchester Airport (MAN) 9 miles South
Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) 27 miles West-southwest
Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA) 36 miles Northeast

Having multiple airport options gives you flexibility when planning your travels to and from Manchester. Consider the location, airlines, and flight schedules to find the best fit for your journey.

Airports near Manchester

Geography and Surrounding Cities

Manchester, located in England, is surrounded by various cities and towns that contribute to its vibrant and diverse character. These neighboring areas offer unique attractions and amenities for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Let’s explore some of the notable cities and towns that surround Manchester:


A vibrant district known for its cultural diversity and vibrant community. Hulme offers a mix of stunning architecture, green spaces, and a thriving arts and music scene.

Cheetham Hill

A diverse neighborhood with a rich history. Cheetham Hill is renowned for its bustling markets, ethnic eateries, and cultural landmarks.


A lively and multicultural area, Longsight boasts a range of international cuisines, bustling markets, and vibrant community events.


Adjacent to Manchester, Salford is a thriving city with its own unique charms. Home to the renowned MediaCityUK and a thriving arts scene, Salford offers a mix of cutting-edge innovation and cultural heritage.


A residential area with a friendly community feel, Crumpsall features picturesque parks, local shops, and easy access to Manchester city center.


Located to the north of Manchester, Blackley offers a balance of green spaces and urban amenities. The area is known for its golf courses, parks, and recreational facilities.


Fallowfield is a vibrant student hub that offers a lively atmosphere, diverse dining options, and a range of entertainment venues. It is home to the University of Manchester’s student village.

Trafford Park

A bustling industrial area, Trafford Park is known for its business parks, retail centers, and iconic football stadium – Old Trafford, home of Manchester United.

Chorlton cum Hardy

Chorlton cum Hardy is a trendy residential suburb known for its independent shops, lively bars, and a thriving food and drink scene.


A historic town located northeast of Manchester, Failsworth offers a mix of traditional charm and modern amenities. It is home to Failsworth Pole, a landmark monument.


Burnage is a leafy suburb known for its beautiful parks, historic buildings, and quiet residential streets. It is also notable as the childhood home of musician Morrissey.


Droylsden is a town east of Manchester with a rich industrial heritage. It offers a mix of residential areas, shopping centers, and historic landmarks.


Stretford is a thriving suburb south of Manchester known for its excellent transport links, shopping destinations, and sporting facilities.


Eccles, located west of Manchester, is famous for its Eccles cakes and historic landmarks such as the Grade I listed Eccles Parish Church.


A suburban town to the north of Manchester, Prestwich offers a mix of residential areas, local shops, and green spaces. It is also home to Heaton Park, one of the largest municipal parks in Europe.

Heaton Chapel

Heaton Chapel is a charming residential suburb that features a mix of period properties, local amenities, and scenic parks.


Didsbury, located south of Manchester, is a desirable residential area known for its tree-lined streets, independent boutiques, and vibrant café culture.


A town to the west of Manchester, Swinton offers a mix of residential areas, local shops, and green spaces. It is also home to Victoria Park, a popular community park.


Middleton, situated north of Manchester, is a historic town with architectural landmarks, bustling markets, and a rich industrial heritage.

These surrounding cities and towns contribute to the unique character and charm of the Manchester metropolitan area, offering a diverse range of attractions, amenities, and cultural experiences for locals and visitors alike.

City/Town Key Features
Hulme Cultural diversity, vibrant arts scene
Cheetham Hill Bustling markets, ethnic eateries
Longsight Multicultural area, vibrant community events
Salford MediaCityUK, thriving arts scene
Crumpsall Friendly community feel, parks
Blackley Golf courses, parks, recreational facilities
Fallowfield Student hub, diverse dining options
Trafford Park Business parks, retail centers, Old Trafford stadium
Chorlton cum Hardy Independent shops, lively bars, food scene
Failsworth Traditional charm, historic landmarks
Burnage Parks, historic buildings
Droylsden Industrial heritage, residential areas
Stretford Transport links, shopping centers, sporting facilities
Eccles Eccles cakes, historic landmarks
Prestwich Residential areas, local amenities, Heaton Park
Heaton Chapel Period properties, local amenities, parks
Didsbury Tree-lined streets, independent boutiques, café culture
Swinton Residential areas, local shops, Victoria Park
Middleton Architectural landmarks, bustling markets, industrial heritage

Country Code and Location Information

Manchester, a vibrant city located in England, is part of the United Kingdom. When contacting Manchester from other countries, it’s essential to know the country code, which is +44. This code is necessary for making international calls or sending messages to individuals in Manchester.

With its rich history, thriving cultural scene, and renowned football clubs, Manchester is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers alike. The city offers a diverse range of attractions, including historic landmarks, world-class museums, and bustling shopping districts.

City Country Country Code
Manchester United Kingdom +44
New York United States +1
Tokyo Japan +81
Sydney Australia +61

Whether you’re planning a trip to Manchester, conducting business, or simply staying in touch with friends and family, being aware of the country code is essential for seamless communication. By dialing +44 before the local Manchester number, you can connect with individuals across the city and explore all that Manchester has to offer.

Manchester Skyline

Interesting Facts About Manchester:

  • Manchester is known for its iconic music scene, with influential bands such as The Smiths, Oasis, and Joy Division originating from the city.
  • The city is home to two major football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, both with passionate fan bases.
  • Manchester is renowned for its industrial heritage and played a significant role during the Industrial Revolution.
  • The University of Manchester is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.
  • The city has a strong cultural and artistic presence, with numerous theaters, galleries, and festivals.

Alternate Names for Manchester

Manchester, a vibrant city in England, is known by various names in different languages and dialects. Let’s explore some of these alternate names:

In Belarusian, it is referred to as Mančesteris. In Catalan, you may hear it called Mancestra or Manchestre. In Finnish, the name is Mánchester, while in Vietnamese, it is Mỹanacestara.

Other variations include Μάντσεστερ in Greek, Горад Манчэстэр in Belarusian (Cyrillic script), and Mjanzheste in Welsh. In Korean, you may come across the name 맨체스터, and in Malay, it is known as Bandar Raya Manchester.

These are just a few examples of the many names used to refer to Manchester around the world, showcasing the city’s global reach and cultural diversity.


What is the current time in Manchester, UK?

The current time in Manchester, UK is 3:19:52 am GMT.

What time zone is Manchester, UK in?

Manchester operates on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) all year round, without any UTC/GMT offset.

What is the current local time in Manchester?

The current local time in Manchester, UK is 3:19:52 am GMT.

How is daylight saving time observed in Manchester?

Manchester follows daylight saving time changes. The clock moves forward 1 hour on March 26 and moves back 1 hour on October 29.

What is the weather like in Manchester?

The weather in Manchester is currently 46°F and mostly cloudy. The forecast for the coming days shows temperatures ranging from 51-53°F, with some variations in cloud cover.

How many hours ahead is Manchester compared to New York?

Manchester, UK is 5 hours ahead of New York. When it is 8:00 pm in New York, it is already 1:00 am of the following day in Manchester.

What time does the sun rise and set in Manchester?

The sunrise time in Manchester is 7:39 am, while the sunset occurs at 3:50 pm.

What is the current moon phase in Manchester?

The current moon phase in Manchester is the First Quarter, which occurred on December 19, 2023, at 6:39 pm. The next full moon will be on December 27, 2023, at 12:33 am.

What are the upcoming holidays in Manchester?

The upcoming holidays in Manchester include Christmas Day on December 25, Boxing Day on December 26, and New Year’s Day on January 1.

Which airports are near Manchester?

The main airport serving Manchester is Manchester Airport (MAN), located about 9 miles south of Manchester city center. Other nearby airports include Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL), situated approximately 27 miles west-southwest of Manchester, and Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA), located about 36 miles northeast of Manchester.

What are some of the cities and towns surrounding Manchester?

Manchester is surrounded by various cities and towns, including Hulme, Cheetham Hill, Longsight, Salford, Crumpsall, Blackley, Fallowfield, Trafford Park, Chorlton cum Hardy, Failsworth, Burnage, Droylsden, Stretford, Eccles, Prestwich, Heaton Chapel, Didsbury, Swinton, and Middleton.

What is the country code for the United Kingdom, and where is Manchester located?

The country code for the UK is +44. Manchester is located in England, which is a constituent country of the United Kingdom.

What are some alternate names for Manchester?

Manchester is known by different names in various languages and dialects, including Gorad Manchehstehr, Mameceaster, Manceinion, Mancesteris, Mancestra, Manchain, Manchetre, Manchuin, Manchéstér, Manchêtre, Mancunium, Mantsester, Mančesteris, Mančestra, Mánchester, maencheseuteo, maincestara, mam cestara, man che si te, mancestar, manchesuta, manshstr, mnchstr, mnchystyr, mnz’st r, myanacestara, myancestar, Μάντσεστερ, Горад Манчэстэр, Манчестер, Манчестър, מאנטשעסטער, מנצ’סטר, م انشستر, مانچسٹر, منچئستئر, منچستر, मँचेस्टर, मैन्चेस्टर, ম্যানচেস্টার, மான்செஸ்டர், మాంచెస్టర్, ಮ್ಯಾಂಚೆಸ್ಟರ್, മാഞ്ചസ്റ്റർ, แมนเชสเตอร์, მანჩესტერი, ማንችስተር, マンチェスター, 曼彻斯特, and 맨체스터.