WP Quiz Plugin Review – How to Create a WordPress Quiz Site

Every WordPress site is unique, with a different mindset behind its development. And if you’ve ever wanted to create a fun and exciting quiz site like this one, you are going to need to find a great WP plugin and theme to bring it all together!

However, plugins are always essential to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. Various plugins cater to different needs. One such plugin essential for both LMS and other general websites is WP Quiz. MyThemeShop.com offers this plugin as one of its premium products.

However, most people require an in-depth review of the plugin before purchasing it. Here, we are going to discuss all the critical factors of the plugin in detail.

WP Quiz from MyThemeShop.com

The article will discuss the following topics in this order:

  1. Features of the Plugin
  2. Different Types of Quizzes
  3. Benefits to The Developer of Using The Plugin
  4. Pricing

Features of the Plugin

There are multiple benefits that a user may gain by using WP Quiz. Here are some of the significant benefits of the plugin:

  1. It helps you get more traffic as many people prefer solving such quizzes in their free time.
  2. You can get valuable marketing data, such as email addresses.
  3. Your user engagement increases as the visitors get a unique service from your website.
  4. Most users are likely to stay longer on your website when they are solving quizzes.
  5. LMS users can use the plugin to take the professional examination.
  6. You may create personality and trivia quizzes to increase engagement.
  7. The same plugin can help you take valuable surveys.
  8. You can create a Facebook quiz site as well.
  9. Interaction posts can be created and displayed using this plugin.
  10. You can increase subscribers to your website using this plugin.
  11. Paid quizzes can be developed on the website. This way, your earnings may increase.

Different Types of Quizzes

You may create multiple different types of quizzes using this plugin.

  1. Trivia Quiz Type allows you to create quizzes about bizarre and unusual topics.
  2. You can create personality quizzes to engage your users.
  3. Swiper quizzes will enable you to compare different aspects during the examination.
  4. Facebook-type quizzes can be easily shared on Facebook, making your site viral with the users.
  5. You may create Flip Quiz Types, which are fun to use.
  6. List type quizzes is a new addition where people vote to bring a certain category higher on the website.

Benefits to The Developer of Using The Plugin

There are numerous benefits gained by the developer when using the plugin. The following are some of the most prominent benefits:

  1. The developer can video advanced statistics about quizzes and use those statistics to develop more engaging quizzes for the future.
  2. Additionally, statistics about different players are also shown on the backend system.
  3. The developing system itself is user friendly, allowing you to change any code you require to change.
  4. The developer may select any parent theme as WP Qui can work perfectly with most themes.
  5. Preparing a question on WP Quiz is simple and easy as well.
  6. You get advanced panel options to randomize the context completely.
  7. The plugin is fully responsive, allowing you to develop once for multiple platforms.
  8. You can select multiple currencies for the quiz itself.
  9. You can make it compulsory for the users to subscribe to get the results.
  10. Sharing on email and Facebook is easy and allows better engagement of the users.
  11. You can integrate both AWeber and MailChimp to the service.
  12. You may show Ads between questions as well.
  13. Questions may have image and video style questions.

Additionally, it also offers many features for the user to become familiar with the product easily. The user may load a previous question or retake a quiz as well. They may ask their fellows for question help.


You can use the basic version of the plugin for free. However, purchasing the pro version gives you multiple benefits and different feature access as well. The pro version of the single quiz plugin costs you a one-time payment of 67 USD and a price of 32.83 USD during their sale. However, you can get their platform membership by paying 99 USD for everything they offer for complete access of 1 year.

How to Create Your Own Quiz Site Like This One!

The WP Quiz and WP Quiz Pro are excellent plugins to increase user engagement on your website. Let us know in the comments section if our review of the plugin was helpful.

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