Zach King Net Worth and Influencing the World through Magical Content

Zach King was born in February 1990 in Portland, Oregon. He is an Internet celebrity, illusionist, and famous filmmaker. In 2008, vine magician started his own YouTube channel and posted videos.  Zach was a successful person in the Hewlett-Packard contest held in 2010, and he also won YouTube’s NextUp game in 2013.

King made his account on TikTok in 2016 and posted his first video in the same year. Since 2016, he has accumulated 45 million followers on social media and is nominated as the third most followed person on social media platforms. Zach and his wife also remained part of the reality game show The Amazing Race.

Zach won several tributes and awards for his best performance, like the Stream Award for Best Visual Effects in a Web Series.

What is Zach King Best Known for?

King is generally known for his “magic vines” – six-second recordings carefully altered to look as though he is doing magic work. He calls his content “digital sleight of hand.” In 2011, Zach made a video of Jedi Kittens with his friend; this video reached more than one million views in a single day. 

Zach made his first video on Vine on September 9, 2013, when he saw that many of his companions had an account on this social media site. After making an account on the vine, he started to create different new vines regularly. When his few vines achieved popularity, then Zach decided to bring evolution in vines. 

He appeared on the show “The Ellen DeGeneres”  on January 29, 2014, and made a few Vines with the show’s team. As of 2014, King makes Vine content professionally and started to work out of his zone. In a meeting with The Independent, he wished to direct action movies in the coming days. 

Due to creating different vines, Zach achieved popularity in many social media outlets. Chez Pazienza says,” Zach’s content on the vine is purely magical. Laura Vitto composed of his work, “Vine star and movie producer Zach may not perform enchantment in the conventional sense, but his magical six-second videos put shame on David Blaine.”

How Did Zach King Become an Influencer?

Zach became an influencing personality when he began his site,, in 2008. This website’s main purpose was to give different tutorials and tips for using the software Final Cut Pro. But Zach remained unable to find some great tutorials about software on the Internet. Due to the absence of tutorials about software on the Internet, King started his own YouTube channel and gave effective tutorials about Final Cut Pro Software.

After acquiring a huge audience for his site, he started offering preparing classes and utilized the cash to pay for his college. He took part as a contestant on a scene of Viral Video Showdown that circulated on Syfy in 2012. In December 2019, Zach himself made a flying video on a broomstick. The video was seen over 2.1 multiple times on TikTok in 4 days.

Zach helped people with financial security through insurance. In 2015, First Financial Security, a financial service provider, invited Zach as a guest speaker at its annual convention. This business company wanted that Zach shared his experience of using social media and how he impressed the entire world.

Because of Zach’s impressive speech, First Financial Security became able to build its business and help most people gain financial security. With the help of Zach, First Financial Security changed the structure of insurance.

How Much is Zach King Worth? 

In reference to social media influencers, you never really know how much someone is making online, as they usually have a bunch of different income streams in place.

However, Celebrity Net Worth currently states that Zach has a net worth of around $3 million. This is mostly from the video content he is producing, and the massive amount of followers and viewers he has across the majority social networking platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Where to Start Following Zach King Online? 

Vine magician Zach is entertaining his followers on different online media platforms. As a fan, you can follow him on various social media accounts.

  • Twitter account: @zachking
  • Instagram account:@zachking
  • Facebook account: Zach King
  • TikTok account: @zachking
  • Official website:

You can also subscribe to him on his YouTube channel.

Zach King Summary

As mentioned above, Zach King got fame in the social media and filmmaking industry because of his great work. His magical vines are impressing all of his fans. He is the third- most popular personality on TikTok with 45 million followers.

A person achieves millions of followers when he posts original and life-learning content on his site.

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